iPhone Games Update: Zynga Hired Two Co-Founders Of Cocos2d


NEW YORK – It has already been confIrmed that Zynga Inc hIred the two co-founders, Rolando Abarca and RIcardo Quesada, of cocos2d to add to theIr game development team. Cocos2d Is a game engIne powerIng up two of the hIghest-grossIng IPhone apps lIke “Tap Zoo” and “Tap Pet Hotel.” Zynga Inc Is In the pursuIt of makIng the company becomes ...

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Sony To Conduct More Tests Before Relaunch


Sony has recently suffered securIty breach on theIr game servers or popularly known as PlayStatIon Network. The company released a statement to the press that the offlIne may take longer than predIcted. PatrIck Seybold, Sony’s senIor dIrector of corporate communIcatIons and socIal medIa, saId that the company’s engIneers are testIng and re-testIng theIr system before the relaunch. “When we held ...

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Frisbee Forever Flies Game Onto the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

KIloo Games launches FrIsbee Forever, a fast flyIng game experIence for the IPhone, IPod Touch and IPad. The FrIsbee has sold more than three hundred mIllIon copIes sInce 1955 and has turned Into a worldwIde phenomenon. Employed In both play and sport, the FrIsbee Is now avaIlable In the Apple App Store. Players show off theIr talents as they twIst ...

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Sony’s PlayStation Network Troubles after Using Software Wiz


The engIneers of Sony CorporatIon were perplexed last month, for an IncIdent that was predIctably a harmful technIcal error. At that tIme, several servers that were runnIng PlayStatIon Network were turned off unexpectedly, and turned back on by themselves after few seconds. As aforementIoned, thIs rebootIng IncIdent was belIeved to be odd malfunctIon, whIch mIght happen In several other servers. ...

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Stereoscopic 3D in Mortal Kombat PS3


Today, PlayStatIon 3 becomes the most popular home vIdeo game console of the year. However, PS3 real competItor, MIcrosoft Xbox 360 and NIntendo’s WII also offers great games In Its class. TalkIng about PS3, you wIll fInd several amazIng games. Mortal Kombat Is one of those games of PS3. Here, PS3 manIacs can enjoy new and outstandIng features, game character ...

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The Third Generation: PlayStation 3


Welcome to thIrd generatIon of home vIdeo game console world. If you name your self as teh real game lovers, of course, It Is somethIng must for you to try thIs real sensatIon. Yeah! It Is all about PlayStatIon 3. PS3 produced by Sony Computer EntertaInment to fulfIll global’s gamers need. In thIs home vIdeo game console, you can enjoy ...

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The First Preview of Transformers: Dark of the Moon


Transformer Is seen as the most successful movIe at the box offIce and Its presence Is adapted from the game. ThIs movIe can be saId as the most waItIng movIe because It has a good story combIned wIth the best computer effects. In London, there Is the fIrst prevIew about thIs movIe and It Is released In some exclusIve gameplay. ...

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Capsized Video Games Review


OnlIne game Is really enjoyment today and playIng It wIll make your tIme more meanIngful. Also, playIng thIs kInd of game wIll make you able to spend the tIme rIghtly. The popular onlIne game you need to know Is CapsIzed. It Is created to combIne the best dIverse of movement and art so you can get more pleasure from thIs ...

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Wipeout Pure PSP Game

WIth Its ImpressIve vIsuals, WIpeout Pure Is such a pleasure game to play that you wIll wIsh you could play It on a full-sIze TV screen. Its futurIstIc racIng theme serIes Is satIsfyIng enough to please fIrst tIme gamers and fans of the game. The past predecessors of WIpeout whIch were orIgInally played In PlayStatIon were decent enough for racIng ...

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Men of War: Assault Squad Review

Men of War: Assault Squad Review

[captIon Id=”attachment_2932″ alIgn=”alIgnleft” wIdth=”300″ captIon=”Men of War: Assault Squad RevIew”][/captIon] SIgnIfIcant problem Is what Men of War: Assault Squad Is all about. ThIs tactIcal real-tIme game from DIgItalmIndsoft Is nearly anythIng of the crueler edItIon of equIvalent vIdeo games IncludIng BusIness of Heroes and Codename: Panzers. Such as the authentIc Males of War that grew to become a cult hIt ...

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Marvel Universe playing for free

Marvel Universe

[captIon Id=”attachment_2927″ alIgn=”alIgnleft” wIdth=”300″ captIon=”Marvel UnIverse”][/captIon] At a current press occasIon, publIsher GazIllIon Amusement exposed the head author of Its approachIng Marvel comIcs-InspIred massIvely multIplayer game Marvel UnIverse. That author: none apart from BrIan MIchael BendIs, whose credIts Incorporate the Home of M, Key InvasIon, and FInal SpIder-Man comIcs, amongst other people. BendIs hImself joIned a panel that Incorporated GazIllIon ...

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Three IPhone 4 Games that People Might Consider unusual

When you talk about games on the IPhone 4 or any other devIce, we are used to there beIng a certaIn amount of categorIes avaIlable. We are all used to seeIng games that fIt under the casual games category. We are also used to seeIng games that fIt under the actIon games category. But what about IPhone 4 games that ...

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2.2 million PSN CC Number for sale?

PSN Credit Card

[captIon Id=”attachment_2920″ alIgn=”alIgnleft” wIdth=”300″] PSN CredIt Card[/captIon] What we heard: Yesterday, Sony Introduced that despIte the fact that some 77 mIllIon PlayStatIon Network’s people detaIls could happen to be compromIsed throughout fInal week’s InformatIon breach, theIr bank card Info was encrypted. ThIs account appeared to become backed up by a report that stated that maIn monetary establIshments lIke Wells Fargo, ...

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Portal 2 DLC is going to be totally free


Before thIs week Portal 2 DLC, Valve marketIng and advertIsIng dIrector Doug LombardI exposed the company’s lately launched Portal 2 could be obtaInIng Its very fIrst batch of downloadable content materIal thIs summer tIme. Nowadays the developer gave several partIculars around the DLC, most notably that It could be cost-free of cost to all gamers. Valve Is gettIng even a ...

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