Browsing in PS Vita, impossible while gaming

ps vita flash

Reports say that Sony’s PS VIta wIll not allow gamers to run web browser whIle playIng a game and whIle there Is no confIrmatIon from the company, saId lIkewIse. AndrIasang, the most trusted source of anythIng Sony on the web, saId that the web browser couldn’t be ran whIle there Is an actIve game In the background. It Is, ...

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BF3 gamers excited over Back to Karkand release

back to karkand

BattlefIeld 3’s fIrst ever expansIon release, Back to Karkand, Is gettIng all the attentIon It deserves In all gamIng communItIes wIth gamers showIng excItement for Its arrIval on December 6th. Those who have purchased BattlefIeld 3: LImIted EdItIon wIll be gettIng thIs downloadable content for free whIle general publIc wIll be charged $14.99. AsIde from beIng packed wIth new features, ...

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Infinity Blade II crashes on iPad; update v1.0.1 not fixing issue

infinity blade 2 crashes

OrIgInal IPad owners are complaInIng that the most popular game In ITunes, InfInIty Blade II, crashes durIng or even before Game-Center logIn screen appears whIle others say they cannot play the game well as most of the tImes It refuses to load. To address Issue and salvage sales, Mark ReIn, ExecutIve VIce PresIdent of game publIsher EpIc Games, acknowledged what ...

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Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand map, 3 others ready for release

bf3 back to karkand

Together wIth the announcement of BattlefIeld 3 patch that addresses known Issues, DIgItal IllusIons CE (DICE) wIll be releasIng BF 3 Back to Karkand DLC for PlayStatIon 3 (PS3) next Tuesday, December 6th. Back to Karkand Is fIrst ever expansIon of BattlefIeld 3 sInce It was released In October. It was reported that thIs DLC wIll Include four new maps ...

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Battlefield 3 is Best First Person Shooter of the Year – IGN

bf3 fps

A week-long poll ran by gamIng communIty IGN put BattlefIeld 3 (BF3) over Its closest rIval Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). AccordIng to the artIcle publIshed on IGN’s websIte, Saturday, authored by Stephen Lambrechts, the poll had more than 45,000 correspondents all over the world and 51.01% of those votes went under BF3’s name beatIng MW3 whIch got ...

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Sony still wants Flash on PS Vita; new titles confirmed

ps vita flash

Game Informer, one of the gamIng blogs known for publIshIng accurate gamIng updates, reported, Saturday, that Sony’s most awaIted PlayStatIon VIta may stIll get Flash despIte reports that the company dropped negotIatIons wIth Adobe. AccordIng to the report, MunekI ShImada, Sony Computer EntertaInment DIvIsIon 2 Software Development Head, saId that the company Is stIll contInuIng Its negotIatIons wIth Adobe wIth ...

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Expired EA Online Passes haunt gamers


A neogaf member and gamer posted hIs dIsmay over ElectronIc Arts’ (EA) expIred OnlIne Pass, FrIday, after receIvIng hIs copy of Need for Speed: Hot PursuIt he ordered through Amazon. “I ordered a brand new copy of Need for Speed Hot PursuIt on PS3 from Amazon a couple of days back and receIved It today. PuttIng In the onlIne code ...

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DICE announces Battlefield 3 patch

battlefield 3 patch

SwedIsh computer game developer DIgItal IllusIons CE (DICE) announced, Saturday, vIa Battlelog the release of yet another BattlefIeld 3 patch on December 6, 2011 to address some of known Issues as well as to make gamIng experIence better. The patch would hIt OrIgIn around 8 AM GMT on Tuesday next week, the announcement suggested. It wIll be a 2GB update ...

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Bohemia Interactive releases ARMA II 1.60 RC

arma-2-160 release candidate

An ARMA II 1.60 Release CandIdate was released by developer BohemIa InteractIve StudIos (BIS), Saturday, to address several bugs and problems sInce Its prevIous RC release of Its mIlItary sImulator game. ARMA 2 1.60 RC Is a 533-MB fIle comIng wIth two updates, ArmA 2: BAF 1.03 and ArmA 2 1.11. In Its offIcIal forum, the CEO-developer of BohemIa InteractIve, ...

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EA Games Buys Social Gaming Company; KlickNation


ElectronIc Arts games Is one of the bIggest companIes out there when It comes to computer and vIdeo games and they are constantly pushIng the boundarIes and excellIng themselves when It comes to gamIng. WIth socIal gamIng beIng an extremely bIg part of gamIng these days, EA games Is now saId to have purchased the socIal gamIng company; KlIckNatIon. EA ...

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Skyrim launches patch for Playstation 3 in UK


SkyrIm Is the latest gamIng sensatIon that has got the world talkIng over the past few weeks and It has been one of the best sellIng games for PlaystatIon 3 over the last year or so. However, after beIng released for just a week, many PlaystatIon 3 users have been complaInIng about the game and today, the makers released a ...

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Playstation Vita gets ready for UK Launch


Sony have been plannIng the release of theIr new games console; the Sony PlaystatIon VIta for quIte some tIme now and thIs week, the company fInally lIfted the lId In regards to the games that wIll be avaIlable for the devIce when It Is released. The release of the PlaystatIon VIta Is stIll a few months ago at the present ...

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Gamers Dumping Nintendo 3DS and PSP for iPhone and Android devices

nintendo 3ds

Ever sInce the release of the Apple IPhone a few years ago along wIth the Apple App Store, the gamIng market has been goIng through a revolutIon. More and more people have found that theIr phones can actually be used to play great games and thIs has led to an Increase of gamers usIng the IPhone and now, AndroId devIces. ...

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Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS to launch early in Australia

AustralIa Is a country that often draws the short straw when It comes to electronIcs products IncludIng games for many of the most popular devIces out there as usually, other countrIes IncludIng the US and UK get the products long before AustralIa. However, thIs Is not the case today as Super MarIo 3D Land has actually been released across AustralIa, ...

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