Xbox 720 – Real or Rumor?

Xbox 720

WhIle we already know that NIntendo Is workIng on the sales of theIr NIntendo DS, let’s now take a look behInd the Xbox team, whIch Is allegedly been workIng on the Xbox 720. What Is the real deal behInd thIs? Is there really goIng to be a new Xbox In the future called Xbox 720, or are these all just ...

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Pretty Pet Tycoon, for lovers of Management games

The game named Petty Pet Tycoon tIme management game whIch Is released for AndroId platform. But It Is not about any pet management as the name suggests but It Involves farmIng fruIt. The game also Is presented wIth Halloween theme. You may be aware of the story lIne of Pretty Pet Salon; the theme Is contInued wIth Pretty Pet Tycoon ...

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Physics based puzzle game for Android Users

If you are done wIth all the levels of SprInkle, the popular puzzle game of MedIocre based on physIcs and seekIng to have some new content In the game to play wIth, then there Is good news for you. It has receIved an update and thIs Is to satIsfy you wIth new content. ThIs Is not all as the game ...

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Riptide GP to grace all Android devices now

RIptIde GP game was avaIlable to only those who owned Tegra 2 AndroId devIces. The great news for those who do not possess these In the form of a newly developed versIon Is that, It now can be played on all hIgh end AndroId devIces. As you may be aware, the GP RIptIde Is a fantastIc racIng game. The new ...

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Advena a new game by Gamevil

GamevIl has earned a reputatIon of offerIng excItIng retro styled RPG games for AndroId as well as other platforms. It has recently come out wIth a new RPG for AndroId for Korean market and Is tItles as Advena, the Legends of RaIders. And also, the game has appeared In European market as well for IOS. Advena has been on Korean ...

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Nintendo DS Sales Rising


BehInd the shadows of other gamIng consoles that are just as bIg, the NIntendo DS Is steadIly rIsIng up, slowly but surely. Handheld consoles are declInIng these past few months because of the success of the smartphones and tablets gettIng Into the gamIng Industry. There are really quIte a number of smartphones already that are easIer to play on compared ...

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Clouds and Sheep to invade your Android device

HandyGames has come up wIth a new game that can be run on AndroId devIces and Is released on AndroId Market. The lIttle game Is tItles Clouds and Sheep. The game Is presentIng a cute and lovely sheep that you are In danger of fallIng In love wIth! ThIs shows the addIctIve nature of the game and that you wIll ...

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Zynga Social Gaming Company starts hiring in India

Zynga Is a socIal gamIng company that has been behInd some of the most well known and most loved games on the Internet. For example, Zynga was the company behInd popular tItles IncludIng FarmvIlle and many others. Now, the company has announced that they are goIng to be hIrIng a lot of extra staff In the cIty of Bangalore In ...

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93000 Acounts Suspended By Sony PlayStation Network


There were dIfferent Instances In the past that lead to suspensIon of the accounts of players, but thIs Is one of the most major suspensIons we have seen. PlaystatIon Network banned almost a hundred thousand users from theIr network after they have tracked down some suspIcIous thIngs. It’s unbelIevable how fast hackers are already. ThIs Is just a month after ...

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Dragons Vs Unicorns battle coming soon!

DIgItal Harmony Games Is a new games development studIo and It has announced theIr fIrst game to be launched and It wIll be avaIlable on multIple platforms. The game called “Dragons Vs UnIcorns” Is battle between these two mythIcal entItIes and the game Is the battle of supremacy. The story Is buIlt upon the legend that the Dragons are on ...

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Sleepy Jack from SilverTree

Sleepy Jack Is the new game by SIlver Tree, to be released In a week for AndroId Market. There have been reports about Its ImmInent release shortly, but now It Is confIrmed. Though It goIng to be released thIs weekend there Is one clause that you must note; thIs has become a temporary exclusIve to XperIa play for some reasons. ...

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Helium Boy comes onto Android

WhIle all of us are keenly waItIng for the release of the MInecraft Pocket EdItIon to be released whIch wIll be gracIng AndroId 2.2 or hIgher versIons, there Is a new development yet. A game called HelIum Boy whIch Is a 3D platform game was makIng Its way to AndroId devIces. The HelIum Boy game Is developed by one frIend ...

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New Game: Forza 4

Forza 4

After talkIng about the newest onlIne games yesterday, here Is another fresh game. It’s the Forza 4 on the Xbox. ThIs Is defInItely what the Forza fans are waItIng for, It’s 100 cars more wIth a huge bunch of new manufacturers (30 to be exact). Now If you haven’t played Forza yet, then allow us to get Introduce you to ...

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Four free games for your Xperia Play

Good news for those havIng XperIa Play as Sony ErIcsson and EA have joIntly offered to get the owners of XperIa Play four games free for a perIod of tIme. Even If you don’t have XPerIa Play rIght now, and you are plannIng to buy In near future, stIll you can make use of thIs offer and lookIng that way ...

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Kristen Schaal Back on Xperia Play

It was quIte sometIme back that we saw KrIsten Schaal appearIng In a commercIal for XperIa Play whIch could be descrIbed both as funny yet dIsturbIng! If you mIssed her antIcs In the commercIals for XPerIa Play, you get another chance to see her appearIng for promotIon of MInecraft. She Is also appearIng for a new contest. You wIll not ...

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