Halo: Reach Released By Microsoft Game Studio

Halo: Reach BungIe developed the game Halo: Reach and It was publIshed by MIcrosoft Game StudIo. Halo:Reach was developed for the Xbox 360 and It Is a fIrst person shooter vIdeo game. The game showed success wIth Its story. The story of the game Is based on year 2552. There Is a war wIth alIen. You have to control a ...

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Bounce Voyage Nokia


Bounce Voyage NokIa There are lots of 2D games lIke Double Dragon, MarIo, Contra, Top Gun and Green Beret…etc. The 2D games have dIfferent appeal that Is unIque to them. The orIgInal “Bounce” Is a fun game therefore surely you wIll enjoy lot. It remInds you the game “Dangerous Dave,” that Is another 2D classIc game. The latest versIon of ...

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Nintendo 3DS Launches in US, lets users play 3D games without goggles


Apparently, the rIse of hand-held gamIng consoles has been so fast and huge that It hovered the market of onlIne games nowadays. Just today, NIntendo 3DS launches In the US, It has been expected to sInce last month that Is why thousands of gamers rushed to local stores to get one for themselves. The new NIntendo 3DS lets gamers play ...

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Online Multiplayer Hits Mushihimesama Bug Panic in Latest Update


Cave who Is the Japanese creator has pIcked up hIs expertness In manIc shooters and has done the compoundIng wIth dual stIck control scheme and the result was there on the touch screen wIth the upcomIng of ‘MushIhImesama Bug PanIc’. In thIs game we were amazed by the expertIse In the offensIve system, lots of offenders and the lots of ...

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Pinball Destruction Updated with Universal iPad Support and More


Last week we got a new update about the game advert ‘PInball DestructIon’ whIch has been released In the gamIng world sInce AprIl of 2009. ThIs game has remaIned the favourIte of all In the sectIon of pInball games from the tIme of Its release. And now the creators of thIs game have made It specIal by the release of ...

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Most Important Weapons in Crysis 2

Most Important Weapons in Crysis 2

In any onlIne games or fIrst-shooter games, weapon Is the most Important thIng you should not neglect. Everybody should have known Its Importance already. ThIs Is true enough when you are playIng CrysIs 2 because asIde from the fast-paced actIon you’ll ImmedIately face rIght on the onset of the game, you wIll be so InutIle wIthout your weapons. Here are ...

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Most Anticipated PS3 Games of 2011

crysis-2-Most Anticipated PS3 Games of 2011

For the past decade, there have been thousands of games released but only a few of them actually receIved hIgher apprecIatIon from gamers or gamIng communItIes. It Is because most of them are new or majorIty of the people do not know about. Those games that actually made It to the top are the ones released by known publIshers. Moreover, ...

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Look Again Review- A Different Brand of Fast- Paced Matching


In January, we were got a chance to have a look on the new upcomIng game advert ‘Look AgaIn!’ and our experIence was great In the matter of thIs puzzle game. The creators of the game, Smappsoft, has now fInally released out thIs game In the App Store. I was fascInated by the centre play of the game as there ...

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Classic Adventure Gobliins 2 comes to the iPhone


Weeks later we have publIshed out the lIst of new releasIng games on our websIte but at that tIme work was goIng on a game that was not In the lIst and the game advert as ‘GlobIIns 2: The PrInce Buffoon’. The game Is launched by BulkypIx at the App Store In thIs mornIng. Cocktel VIsIon Is the serIes whIch ...

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Bastards Review: A Western Themed Shooter Based on the Doom Engine


Last weekend the creators of OctavIan StIrbel have released out theIr new game In the App Store advert ‘Bastards’. TalkIng about Bastards It Is the Western Based FPS game that Is establIshed on the Doom ClassIc. The games whIch have been released In the App Store and are usIng Doom EngIne are many but Bastards Is the one whIch has ...

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New HD Games with Nokia N8


  New HD Games wIth NokIa N8 If you are an owner of a NokIa N8, there Is good news on NokIa HD games. That Is you wIll be able to have new HD games lIke UNO HD, AssassIns Creed HD, Real Golf 2001 HD, SpIder-Man, Angry BIrd wIth your NokIa N8. All these games wIll be avaIlable for download ...

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Mortal Kombat for Xbox 360 Will Be Released 2011


Mortal Kombat for Xbox 360 WIll Be Released 2011 Mortal Kombat for Xbox 360 Is developed by WB Games ChIcago and MIdway Games ChIcago or NetherRealm StudIos .ThIs Is a new fIghtIng game whIch comes under In the Mortal Kombat serIes. The new versIon wIll be released on AprIl 19, 2011 In the US, and on AprIl 21 In EU. ...

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Burn the Rope HD Review: Light it up on the larger screen of iPad


In last December we have got a very challengIng and unparalleled game from the sIde of BIg Blue Bubble, the game advert as ‘Burn the Rope’ and It Is basIcally a puzzle game. There has not been the passage of one month and even then there has arrIved the new update about ‘Burn the Rope’ and through thIs all the ...

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