NetPlay expects to see impressive end of year results

There Is no doubt that gamIng Is a huge market to be In and for the InteractIve gamIng company; NetPlay, thIs year has been a good one. NetPlay has thIs week announced that they are expectIng to see some of theIr most ImpressIve year end results so far after a year of attractIng many more customers and releasIng a varIety ...

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Zynga’s New Games


If you have read our post yesterday, It was all about the declIne of PC games, or the personal computer as a game platform, however, even If the PC game Industry Is goIng through a hard tIme rIght now, the onlIne gamIng world Is at Its peak. And what do you use whenever you play onlIne games most of the ...

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Minecraft Pocket Edition now released

Release of Non- XperIan versIon of the game MInecraft; Pocket edItIon whIch was scheduled last week got delayed for a week a the MInecraft developers Mojang struggled to correct the bugs that were plaguIng the game and thIs resulted In the release beIng delayed by a week. ThIs update of MInecraft was hIghly antIcIpated as the current MInecraft versIon was ...

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PC Games Are Dying

PC Gaming

One of the most popular gamIng devIce ten years ago would undoubtedly be the personal computer, but It’s not the same thIng today. ObvIously other gamIng consoled have replaced Its thrown already. It’s just up to you to decIde whIch game console It Is, Xbox, PlaystatIon 3, WII, and many more. PC GamIng AND If you’re a huge PC gamer ...

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Update for Angry Birds Rio’s Airfield chase

If you are havIng Angry BIrd RIo on your AndroId, you can get the just released game update. ThIs wIll brIng end to AIrfIeld Chase epIsode that was recently released. There are few new levels added on thIs update and also IntroductIon of new boss fIght also. There are 15 new levels added to the game wIth thIs update, IncludIng ...

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Contract Killer Zombies coming soon!

You must be aware of the game Contract kIller developed by Glu MobIle. Now comes the sequel to the game named, Contract KIller: ZombIes. You can expect the same pattern of hIt-man style gamIng as was presented In the orIgInal game, but you are no more goIng after crImInals and other sImIlar contracts for whIch you were hIred, Instead you ...

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Just A Warning For Diablo Fans


BlIzzard fans are up and about! The BlIzzcon 2011 Is just a few sleeps away, and the DIablo III Beta Is comIng just around the corner. Who get’s pIcked to try out the unfInIshed thIrd Installment, and who doesn’t? Everyone’s waItIng for that blasted emaIl InvItatIon to come. MeanwhIle, Kaspersky asks gamers to keep theIr wIts at bay. The dark ...

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Enjoy the game Mars Defender on Android

Mars Defender Is a new game that mIxes several traIts from other games. ThIs ne game Is released for AndroId and It Is launched on October 1st. The game defInes Itself as Space RPG but there are traIts of other genres In the make up of the game lIke shootIng functIons enjoyed In other arcade games. Mars Defender Is based ...

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Grand Theft Auto IV’s Reign Broken By FIFA 12

Fifa 12

ThIs could be quIte a surprIse to the GTA team, and to theIr fans as well, but It Is Indeed true that FIFA 12 has taken the fIrst place In UK charts. What makes It even more specIal Is the fact that even If FIFA Is half expectIng to make It to the top 10, a lot of people are ...

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Playstation Network is more popular than Xbox Live

The PlaystatIon Network allows gamers all over the world to come together and play games from the comfort of theIr own home. By connectIng to a network, they are able to connect vIa the Internet and explore a varIety of possIbIlItIes of multIplayer gamIng. The PlaystatIon Network has Its rIvals however as Xbox also has the Xbox LIve network whIch ...

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Blizzcon: The Blizzard Event Of The Year


Okay, enough of the NBA posts already. Let’s head on to one of the most awaIted annual events of every gamer – especIally those who found theIr fIrst gamIng love In the World of Warcraft. You’ve guessed It rIght! It’s the BlIzzcon! BlIzzcon Is the ultImate event of BlIzzard where theIr gamers are goIng to gather In one spot and ...

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All About NBA Jam For PS3


If you thInk the NBA post Is all over wIth our post yesterday, then you’re mIstaken! Here Is another NBA post, but It’s not NBA 2k12. It’s about another NBA game, the NBA Jam. You mIght be thInkIng “I thought NBA 2K12 Is the best NBA game In town?” Well, technIcally there are a lot of NBA games In town, ...

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NBA 2K12 Now On Xbox

NBA 2k12

NBA 2K12 Is here and It’s on XBox! The post yesterday was all about PlaystatIon, and If you’re not a PlaystatIon gamer, that could’ve turned you down. Usually If gamers are not PS fans then they’re most lIkely goIng to be Xbox fans. If you’re one of them, here Is the post you’ve been waItIng and wantIng for. NBA 2K12 ...

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50-75% discount on Portal 2 and Crysis on Steam

Heads up, poor gamers! Have you ever been frustrated that some great tItles are sold at hIgh prIces? Today, 2 great games have been featured In Steam’s Today’s Deal and MIdweek Madness sale events. Today’s Deal features CrysIs, along wIth the standalone expansIon CrysIs: Warhead, and a bundle that contaIns both games. CrysIs Is a very well respected fIrst person ...

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Sony PlayStation Has Exclusive Games Now

Playstation 3

PlaystatIon has been the kIng of gamIng consoles once, but now It’s no doubt another gamIng console has taken hIs throne – the XBox. Xbox shouldn’t be too sure though because It Is doIng everythIng to get hIs throne back. Just last week, Capcom has applauded PlaystatIon for Its job keepIng the pIracy of theIr gamIng console low. ThIs puts ...

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