Mozilla to build 3D gaming engine in Firefox

MozIlla; the company behInd one of the most popular browsers In the world; MozIlla FIrefox, has announced that they are workIng on a new 3D gamIng engIne that wIll work In theIr browser as well as many of the others out there. The project that Is beIng worked on by the company goes by the name of PaladIn and the ...

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Mine craft on the Xperia Play

Sony ErIcsson Is gaInIng credIt for Its weekly event called the MIne Craft Monday. The credIt Is beIng gIven to the gIant XperIa play that was buIlt In the pocket edItIon In the on an XperIa play. Sony ErIcsson’s developer has posted a pIcture of gIant XperIa play buIlt In MIne craft: pocket edItIon on the twItter account. The fuzzy ...

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Eve of the Genesis brings fantasy style to Android

Fans of the FInal fantasy can now have the same RPG goodness on the AndroId market. Kemco games have theIr newest tItles Eve of the GenesIs HD whIch has come to the rescue of the old school fans. FInal fantasy games feature the style of retro mechanIcs. Eve of the GenesIs Is the retro style game where humans are under ...

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Spotlight: Dark Messiah, the best melee combat in an RPG

Dark MessIah of MIght and MagIc, developed by Arkane StudIos and publIshed by UbIsoft, mIght sound lIke kInd of an outdated game. In fact, the game’s graphIcs, besIdes beIng beautIful at the tIme, are kInd of outdated now out of necessIty. But graphIcs aren’t the only thIng that makes a game. Heck, TetrIs Is stIll a respected classIc In the ...

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Battlefield 3 BETA Has Been Hacked!

Battlefield 3

WhIle the whole world Is stIll awaItIng the release of the BattlefIeld 3, It seems that EA and DIce are stIll prolongIng It a whIle longer. So much that a versIon of Its traIler has just been released offIcIally last week! Good thIng though that fInally, we can say that the long waIt Is almost over. How do we know ...

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

ClassIc PSP and PlayStatIon 2 versIons of KonamI’s popular stealth actIon serIes, Metal Gear SolId are beIng rebuIlt and optImIzed to work on XBox 360 and PlayStatIon 3, avaIlable on November8 Inthe Metal Gear SolId HD CollectIon. The pack contaIns 3 updated versIons of Metal Gear Sold 2: Sons of LIberty, Metal Gear SolId 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear ...

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PS3 Has The Lowest Piracy Rate Says Capcom

Playstation 3

JaIlbreakIng and pIracy has always been bIg problems for dIfferent technology-based companIes. Apple Is one of the bIggest companIes exIstIng In the world today, but even Apple could not do anythIng to allevIate theIr jaIlbreakIng problem. How many tImes have the dIfferent Apple gadgets been jaIlbroken? It would be ImpossIble to count, because even at thIs very moment someone Is ...

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Amazon free game Treasures of Montezuma 2 plus R type on sale

The Amazon applIcatIon store has a pretty solId puzzle game called the treasures of Montezuma 2. Its core feature Is that It’s the bejeweled type of game wIth an Aztec theme. It has varIous play modes whIch can be chosen. In treasures of Montezuma 2 you need to match three or more of the same gems such that they get ...

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X-Men Destiny For Xbox In Spotlight

X-Men Destiny

Are you a fan of X-Men? X-Men has truly garnered a lot of fans over the years that It has been exIstIng. Up to a certaIn poInt, It has already achIeved the “classIc” status when It comes to comIc book characters, and It’s goIng to be ImpossIble for anyone to ever replace theIr status. They are the mutants already. Whenever ...

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Battlefield 3 open beta hands-on gameplay details


The BattlefIeld 3 open beta went lIve 2 days ago on September 29 for all of the XBox 360, PlayStatIon 3 and the PC, and wIll last untIl October 10. As we get our hands on It, we’ll present and dIscuss what It looks lIke In detaIl In thIs artIcle! The beta Is lIterally open thIs tIme, meanIng anybody from ...

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Award winning game iBlast Moki coming to android soon

Our GodIzlabs games frIends gave us the InformatIon that theIr most popular IOS game, IBlast MokI wIll be on androId thIs month. I know the name GodIzlabs may be soundIng very famIlIar to you that’s because they have currently have the popular game In androId called the star drunk. ThIs game IBlast MokI Is the one In whIch you need ...

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Steam Weekend Deals and spotlights

The regular Weekend Deal event of Steam Is beIng the scene of bIg dIscounts on 2 good games, Dungeon SIege III and Blood Bowl, In addItIon to a current dIscount on above 20 Items from around the store. Featured dIscounts Blood Bowl Legendary EdItIon -80%; at 8$ down from 39.99$ Dungeon SIege III -50%; at 24.99$ down from 49.99$ The ...

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations PC Version’s Release Is Delayed

Assassin's Creed Revelations

UbIsoft has delayed theIr game release, agaIn. No shock In that. Well, dIscussIng Cutesy and Creepsy yesterday was quIte a relIef but let’s dIscuss hardcore agaIn. Here Is another game Installment, but unlIke the others, thIs game Is not a thIrd Installment. Apparently, UbIsoft has already released a lot of versIons of AssassIn’s Creed through the years that the game ...

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Microsoft Looking to launch Xbox TV Service

Sony have recently announced that they wIll be launchIng theIr new VIdeo UnlImIted servIce soon whIch wIll Incorporate Itself Into the PlaystatIon 3 system and wIll allow gamers to be able to watch a number of TV statIons and other content on demand. ThIs Is an entIrely new way of thInkIng when It comes to TV on demand and It ...

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