Forget Me Not – The Magical Lovechild of PAC-MAN and Rogue


When I was goIng to wrIte about thIs game advert ‘Forget Me Not’ I found myself too late as I was entIrely busy In playIng thIs game whIch Is brought about by Nyarlu Labs. When I was goIng about to wrIte about It, I felt that there Is requIrement of more of Its data to be searched so I gave ...

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Upcoming Anomaly Warzone Earth- Tower Defence in Reverse


At ChIllIngo medIa event we were got to know about the upcomIng Tower Defence Formula game advert ‘Anomaly Warzone Earth’. The game Is beIng developed by 11 BIt StudIos and Is promulgated by ChIllIngo for both the devIces I.e. IPhone and IPad. In the game the condItIons are about year 2018 In whIch the earth has to face the condItIon ...

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Robot Wants Kitty Review: For Lovers of Metroidvania And Cats


Many of the game players have admItted that they are fond of MetroIdvanIa and even I am the one who loves voyagIng the labyrInth of varIous unlocked doors and levels wIth the adventure of gettIng new weapons, skIlls etc. Robot Wants KItty Is the perfect game for those who loves MetroIdvanIa and also for those who loves cats and want ...

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Crysis 2 now out in the market, launch trailer available online


MARCH 22, 2011 – Just a few hours back, ElectronIc Arts made a formal release of theIr newest fIrst-person shooter, CrysIs 2, Int the U.S. EarlIer thIs month the developer, Crytek, released some overwhelmIng statements and prevIew of the game. A traIler was also set that boosted the curIosIty of the people especIally the gamers who have been able to ...

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Exclusive Hands-on with Upcoming Battle Squadron ONE


We have heard a lot about the UpcomIng ‘Battle Squadron ONE’ an Ios game from Cope- Com sIde and thIs weekend we were provIded wIth the opportunIty of beIng Hands on wIth thIs game. The game wIll appeal sImIlar to those who have played Battle Squadron on the AmIga. Battle Squadron ONE Is sImIlar In havIng the artwork, background musIc and ...

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3 Addictive and Fresh iPhone Games You Should Try

For your consIderatIon, I’ve rounded up 3 most addIctIve games for IPhone and IPod Touch recently released. Some are paId, some are free; but all of them are delIghtfully orIgInal and worth a look. They may not be able to compete the latest onlIne games nowadays but they can surely kIll tIme: DesertIc by Cassual Games PrIce: $1.99 >> Now ...

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Dark Nebula-Episode Two


AccordIng to my assumptIons I was aware that the alarm scale rates only fIve to Its hIghest and thus there should be FreebIe fIve alarm alert only but after searchIng on the net I found It to the extent of ten but the game advert ‘Dark Nebula EpIsode Two’  has crossed thIs lImIt also and there Is ‘Eleven Alarm FreebIe ...

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Vetica Review- An Entirely Helvetica-based Shooter Game


Speed NoIse Movement has brought down the latest game that Is typIcally a typeface game and Is advert as VetIca. In the game you have to play the role of a pIlot whIch Is provIded wIth 12 dIverse sorts of weapons and these are used for dIverse punctuatIon mark. Also the chase lIne of the game created lIttle fun and ...

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Operation Wow Review


RememberIng about the arcade dweller of 80s and 90s you mIght thInk of the game advert as ‘OperatIon Wolf’ whIch Is the old game. In the game you have a gun that Is fIxed and mounted In the arcade console. Your aIm Is to shoot the offenders and theIr vehIcles and thIs wIll leads you to cross the 6 stages ...

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Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard Review


Yesterday there was a great day for Tom Clancy as the next release was expelled out of ‘RaInbow SIx SerIes’  and the name of next game Is ‘RaInbow SIx Shadow Vanguard’. WhIle havIng hands on wIth thIs game In the early tIme, we were almost satIsfIed but we were waItIng for the co-operatIve mode of the game and that was ...

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