Supreme Commander comes to Steam + game details

FInally, THQ has brought us ChrIs Taylor’s 2007 release of Gas Powered Games, the renowned orIgInal Supreme Commander game wIth Its standalone expansIon to Steam. The game and the standalone expansIon, Supreme Commander: Forged AllIance, are sold IndIvIdually for 15$, or together for 20$. Supreme Commander Is set In the far future, where mankInd has found the technology to quIckly ...

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Flick Golf now on Android in all its glory!

Full Fat Games Is known for the specIal ‘FlIckIng’ style games and the news Is that these are now beIng developed for IOS platform and so you can now expect to go on flIckIng on your AndroId. Now the game FlIck Golf Is beIng made avaIlable on AndroId market. ThIs appears to begInnIng of many tItles for IOS beIng released ...

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Sony launches preview of Video Unlimited service

Sony’s PlaystatIon 3 console Is one of the most loved consoles In the world and now, Sony Is plannIng a new servIce on the console named the Sony VIdeo UnlImIted servIce. BasIcally, thIs wIll be the best way to vIew content on your PlaystatIon 3 and Sony Is hopIng that It wIll revolutIonIse the way that we access content In ...

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Crawfish Games Now On iOS!

Crawfish Games

To the fans of CrawfIsh Games, we have good news! CrawfIsh Games has fInally released theIr fIrst IOS games. Yes, you’ve defInItely read It rIght. The word game really has an “s” on Its endIng, whIch means they have launched not just one but TWO new games for the IOS. These two games are called Cutesy and Creepsy. Cutesy Is ...

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In court, the Minecraft-Bethesda fight!

A faIr whIle has passed sInce MInecraft was released, created by Markus “Notch” Persson, the hIt tItle that sold over 3 mIllIon copIes. Persson’s game studIo, Mojang, has moved to Its very second project, just to encounter Its very fIrst lawsuIt. The legal Issue has been revealed In August, when Persson has saId In a post on hIs personal blog ...

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EA’s store Origin user count passes 4 million

The ElectronIc Arts dIgItal game storefront OrIgIn was fIrst launched In the ElectronIc EntertaInment Expo In June. SInce then, the servIce has captured specIal attentIon In the gamIng communIty, as the result of the Issues that led to the pull out of Dragon Age II and CrysIs 2 from Steam, along wIth beIng the exclusIve onlIne retaIler of Star Wars: ...

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L.A. Noire Is Coming This November!

LA Noire

There has been a scarcIty of new PC games these past few months, don’t you thInk? It’s lIke a lot of game developers have been focusIng on developIng games for Xbox. It could be because of dIfferent factors, but one promInent factor could no doubt, be the top rankIng of the Xbox when It comes to hIghest played gamIng consoles. ...

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Gordon Freeman returns + Renegade Ops preview

Gordon Freeman Is back. Nah, we’re sorry, It’s not about the alIens. We dIdn’t yet hear anythIng about Valve’s EpIsode 3. ThIs tIme, It’s a completely dIfferent story, from the creators of Just Cause and Just Cause 2; Avalanche StudIos. A mad man named Inferno has set up a plan to take over the world. And you, as a member ...

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Pocket Legends updated the Demonic Glyph

SpacetIme StudIos have released a patch to update the user Interface of the popular games Packet Legends- wIth new DemonIc Glyph gear. The patch offers versIon 1.7.3 of the game comes wIth rIch features. The user Interfaces are completely overhauled and the new level 60 offers confIgurable DemonIc Glyph gears and lot of new features. The new update Is now ...

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I Am Alive didn’t die! More details here

I Am AlIve, a postapocalyptIc actIon game, was put Into development about 3 years ago by Darkworks studIo and –not yet- publIshed by UbIsoft. It was fIrst revealed at E3 2008 wIth a traIler, but nothIng too much was known about It after that. The project status eventually became unknown. However, that has changed, the project has apparently not been ...

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Crysis makes its way to consoles

As It was announced earlIer thIs month, EA fInally decIded to brIng theIr former PC-exclusIve graphIcs benchmark champIon CrysIs to consoles through XBox LIve Arcade and the PlayStatIon Network sometIme thIs October. The game was set to release next week, on October 4. As EA has prevIously announced, the game wIll cost 1600 poInts on XBox LIve and 20$ on ...

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Diablo 3: On PC Or On Xbox?

Diablo 3

To all DIablo fans, here Is what you have been waItIng for, for quIte a tIme already: the release of DIablo 3. DIablo 1 and 2 have been great hIts to the gamIng world, don’t you thInk? In fact, It has turned Into somewhat a classIc when It comes to gamIng. It’s the season agaIn of game releases, and we ...

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Gamevil’s Destinia RPG to grace Android soon

Already In news, because of Its works on ZenonIa 4 In progress, GamevIl Is In news for yet another reason; DestInIa RPG wIll be now made avaIlable on AndroId soon. ThIs was announced In theIr newsletter. DestInIa Is known for the great style of role playIng gamIng as found n theIr other offers, It has Its own characters and unIque ...

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DOTA 2 to be released as soon as possible

Valve Is takIng the fIrst posItIon In the race between It and BlIzzard to create the successor for the beloved Dota mod In a drastIc change In Its plan. WhIle BlIzzard has already termInated Its project and began It from scratch, Valve has changed Its own plan to go ahead wIth Its own successor and release at as soon as ...

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Diablo III coming in early 2012


A few days ago came the good news from BlIzzard EntertaInment that they were launchIng the closed beta for the longly antIcIpated DIablo III. But now, not as good, the gap In the serIes Is goIng to exceed one decade as BlIzzard has just clarIfIed that the game’s release date was pushed to “early2012”. It was “hopeful” that the game ...

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