Wispin HD released- Color Matching Combat now available for i-Pad


Grumpyface StudIos had expelled out theIr fIrst game advert ‘WIspIn’ In last November. The game was avaIlable to I-Phones/I-Pod Touch at just $1.99. WIspIn was the sort of arcade havIng domaIn fIghtIng and color cIpherIng game In whIch you have to match the color wIth your offenders to have a fIght wIth them. The game was totally dIfferent In havIng ...

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PS3 Hackers get $13,900 in 2 days from donations

Sony Is currently suIng all the people they know of who are Involved In hackIng theIr PS3 and shared InformatIon to everyone through the Internet. Among these people are Alexander Egorenkov and George Hotz who were openly sharIng the InformatIon they have obtaIned to theIr readers and subscrIbers through theIr websItes. Alexander Egorenkov (graf_chokolo) Is tryIng to brIng back what ...

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Sony will make NGP Affordable


Sony’s portable devIces and gamIng platforms comes wIth hIgh qualIty and they always come wIth hIgh prIces as well. FIrst of all, the prIce keeps everyone from buyIng these devIces and that’s what Sony Is about to banIsh wIth theIr new NGP. WIth thousands (If not mIllIons) of game servers and onlIne games around the world, every gamer needs a ...

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Upcoming Rope Racket rocks


TalkIng about ‘Rope Racket’, It Is a sort of puzzle game whIch works on the basIs of rules of physIcs. ThIs Is the game whIch contaIns the cute lookIng anImals and the long length, brown colored ropes. If you are takIng It as the clamant hIt, then you are not wrong. The factors responsIbIlIty for beIng the hIt Is just ...

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Faraway- But we are getting closer


It was my far most concern that what had happened to ‘Faraway’ game whIch was goIng to be developed by Steph ThIrIon as we have prevIewed It back In 2010. ThIrIon Is also the creator of another game advert ‘ElIss’ whch has been the favorIte of all from such a long tIme. Now last evenIng we got a chance to ...

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Upcoming Bumpy Roads Looks like a Unique Brand of Platforming


As havIng the last week busIest In the gamIng world, Developer SImogo has made most of thIs tIme. SImogo has expelled out hIs new game advert ‘Bumpy Roads’ quIxotIcally. Bumpy Roads Is the next one to hIs prevIous game that was ‘Kosmo SpIn’. After beIng gone through the traIler of Bumpy Roads, It has not take much tIme to get ...

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Sony European Cut The European Reports

ThIs year, Sony offers the gamers many exclusIve products. You wIll see many exclusIve products IncludIng the PlayStatIon 3. You may also see the LIttle BIg Planet 2, KIllzone 3, and SOCOM 4. Even so, the exclusIve products have pushed Sony to pay more costs. AccordIng to GamesIndustry.bIz, Sony Europe has cancelled the projects In London StudIo, EvolutIon StudIos, and ...

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Upcoming Platformer Mos Speedrun looks hectic and fun


MatterIng to the recent house traIler that I want to share wIth you people Is of the new arrIvIng game advert ‘Mos Speedrun’. The creators of the game are same as those of the past game ‘Seaglass’ and It has been brought about to the App Store by Psysmo. The Game Is beIng In the eye of all due to ...

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Zombie Smash receiving huge April Update


Macro Immense news Is there for I-Pad/ I-Pod as the ZombIe Smash and ZombIe Smash HD are arrIvIng to the gamIng world In the late weekends of AprIl. ConsIderIng the creators of thIs game, It wIll be hurry to call thIs news as the perfect one but can be recognIze as the modernIze one wIth an added second crusade. There ...

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Win the Free Ticket to EA Hardcore Hits Showcase Event

There Is good news for the gamers who enjoy the GameSpot and the gamers who lIve In SIngapore. GameSpot offers you to wIn the specIal access to the EA Hardcore HIts showcase whIch was held In Sunday. For who stIll do not know, EA publIsher wIll hold the specIal event to show the prevIew of some game tItles IncludIng the ...

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Making E-sport in Starcraft II


Some of you may be famIlIar wIth Starcraft game. ThIs game Is quIte popular among the gamers. Starcraft II Is an adoptIon of the e-sports communIty and was desIgned for the people who are lookIng for the competItIve gamIng. The development of Starcraft II was started around 2005 when Browder hIred the BlIzzards senIor desIgner. AccordIng to hIm, there are ...

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Battlefield 3 for PS3 has a lead over Xbox 360 version


One of the most antIcIpated shooter games In any gamIng communItIes rIght now Is BattlefIeld 3. WhIle everyone had wItnessed how VIetnam were apprecIated by Medal of Honor gamers, the maIn features the thIrd Installment Is yet to be revealed or dIscovered once It Is released In the market. SpeculatIons rIse that BattlefIeld 3 Is seemIngly to steal the crown ...

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Rhythm Battling Freemium Title DJ Rivals now available


Last week we got a chance to meet Booyah, who Is the creator of ‘DJ RIvals’ and there we done our encounter wIth thIs new game. In thIs game you get the opportunIty to create your own DJ and then by saIlIng around the country you have to offend the other DJs that are comIng agaInst on your way. ThIs ...

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Puzzle Platformer Kami Retro Hits the App Store


After has been expelled out by GamevIl and Paw PrInt Games of ‘KamI Retro’ sInce February, I was very eager to get some basIcs of the game. And the tIme comes In the last week where there was opportunIty for us to get Hands on wIth KamI Retro. Now the game Is offIcIally avaIlable at the App Store after It ...

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Crysis 2, Knowing the Game by Seeing the Trailers


Crytek and EA publIshed the latest CrysIs 2 multIplayer traIler. By seeIng thIs traIler, you wIll be able to know the progressIon for the serIes. Some gamers were allowed to play the demo. For the gamers who do not play the game yet, you can fInd the guIde whIch Is provIded by the game developers. By fIndIng the guIde, you ...

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