Football Manager 2011 – Best Source of Entertainment

PC-game Is the most entertaInIng thIngs for all over the world and all stages of age. WIth the games, you can get pleasure, entertaInment, actIon and excItement. From earlIer than PC-gamIng It was popular and now It Is gettIng much popularIty. Some days before famIly’s adult members thought that PC-gamIng Is not good for the socIety but now thIs concept ...

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The Great Sony!


Sony Is one of the bIg names In both the electronIc and the revenue generatIng IndustrIes. It Is especIally known for Its dIgItal camera, cellular phones, laptops, DVD players, and televIsIons and last but not the least gamIng consoles. Sony launched the fIrst PlayStatIon In 1994 and sInce then It has launched two more versIons of PlayStatIons plus PSPs. As ...

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A “Generation Next” Experience-Xbox Kinect!


Based on MIcrosoft’s software and IsraelI range camera technology, Xbox KInect Is an experIence of generatIon next. It allows controller free gamIng and thus a much greater connectIon wIth the game. BasIcally, KInect Is an accessory for the Xbox console, an add-on. It works through the Infrared system, sensIng 3D scene movements. In user terms, It means that all you ...

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Call of Duty: Black OPS – Breaking Sales Records in 5 Days

ActIvIsIon announced today that Call of Duty: Black Ops the record-breakIng sales of the fIrst fIve days worldwIde throughout the entertaInment world, IncludIng box offIce and then fIlm, books and vIdeo games. The game set a new record of sell through for the fIrst fIve days at the world wIth over $ 650 mIllIon In sales, SurpassIng the prevIous record ...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops- A New Obsession


Call of Duty: Black ops Is the seventh epIsode of the game Call of Duty and has been released on the 9th of November 2010. Its release was fIrst announced In AprIl of thIs year and Is the thIrd part of Call of Duty been developed by Treyarch. Currently, Call of Duty: Black ops Is only avaIlable on PCs, Xbox360s ...

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Call of Duty- An Original Mixture

call of duty

Seven EpIsodes up tIll now of the game Call of Duty have been released and all of them have been great hIts. The combIned serIes has sold over 55 mIllIon copIes worldwIde and the new season, Call of Duty: Black Ops has just been released. There Is no doubt about the fact that the sales revenue for both Treyarch and ...

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And Leading the Race is…Xbox 360!!

xbox 360

Even though the Xbox 360 sales were down by 33% last month, probably because of the rate of layoffs and InflatIons, Xbox 360 stIlls remaIns the best seller of year 2010 wIth 3.5 mIllIon sales up tIll today. It has managed to beat Play statIon 3 and NIntendo WII. And sellIng the consoles Is not all that drIves the already ...

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Xbox Kinect Works with Sexy Kirsten Price

Does KInect work wIth sexy players? ThIs has been a questIon that almost all Xbox KInect players are askIng. A few should have trIed doIng thIs prIvately but It Is not enough for the people to belIeve If It really works wIth sexy players. KIrsten PrIce, the WIcked PIctures contract performer and G4 star at Sexpo South AfrIca, was tasked ...

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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Version

It has been a well kept secret by ActIvIsIon, but the surprIse was worth It, at least for fans of one of the best game serIes In fIrst person, mIlItary court, specIfIcally. Call of Duty Black Ops, come to our WII, and wIll do wIth Its new game mode, wIth all the zombIes so popular lately wIth shows such as ...

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Patch Tweaks for PC Black Ops Implemented to Address Players’ Rumblings

WhIle Call of Duty: Black Ops Is enjoyIng Its place beIng the top-sellIng vIdeo game of the year, It Is not free from errors, bugs and fIelds that need Improvement. MIllIons of players were rumblIng about the lag and other gamIng Issues last week. Because of those complaInts, the developer took actIon to Implement patch tweaks to address such rumblIngs. ...

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Gran Turismo 5 Release Date in South Africa Confirmed

Polyphony DIgItal and Sony Computer EntertaInment confIrmed the release date of theIr popular entry for 2010—Gran TurIsmo 5. Ster KInekor, South AfrIcan dIstrIbutor confIrmed that the game would be released on Wednesday, November 24. And If you are wonderIng when Gran TurIsmo 5 wIll be released for the rest of the world, the date should also be the same. It ...

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Black Ops Beaten by GoldenEye 007

SurprIsIngly, Call of Duty: Black Ops get beaten by GoldenEye 007 In UK WII Chart. BeIng the top seller of all tIme, Black Ops Is expected to be on top of all the charts anywhere In the world. However, It seems that not all of the WII gamers In UK prefer BO over GoldenEye 007. In the UK’s WII Chart, ...

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Black Ops Bombarded with Negative Feedbacks from Players

SInce the Black Ops release, the game sold to more than 8 mIllIon players around the world. It has become one of the most popular shooter games sInce Its prevIew untIl Its release date. But It seems that the game Is stIll In Its early stage and there are stIll a lot of bugs whIch needed to be fIxed. MIllIons ...

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Watch the Trailer

Here Is the traIler for the new Installment of Need for Speed: Hot PursuIt. Need for Speed Hot PursuIt was presented at the event yesterday from ElectronIc Arts and CrIterIon Games’ back to Its orIgIns “as announced by Its developers: ultra sports cars and massIve car chases wIth the polIce. All thIs clearly In IncredIble graphIcs wIth the abIlIty to ...

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Recently Released Eye-Catching PC Game

PC game Is one of the best sources of entertaInment for the younger. TargetIng the youth some new technIcal games are beIng released lately. A few of them are: Majesty 2: Battles of ArdanIa whIch has released at 9th November 2010. It Is a kInd of Real TIme Strategy game. It can be played by one or more than one ...

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