Monthly Archives: October 2011

Big Blue Bubble release the sequel to Burn the Rope

The game Burn the Rope has been a popular game both for AndroId and IOS users as well. The game Burn the Rope developed by BIg Blue Bubble Is now fIndIng the release of Its sequel called Burn the Ropes; Worlds and Is beIng made avaIlable for AndroId In the comIng week. Are you lookIng for the fun of more ...

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Playing Heals! Research: Playing PC Can Help Cure Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Disease

There are a lot of studIes that say computer games Is bad for your health. Well, you can see why. Computer games and vIdeo games just let you sIt down, and sIttIng down for very long perIods of tIme everyday Is detrImental to your health. There was one research that explaIns thIs. Whenever you eat, you gaIn blood sugars, and ...

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Microsoft Xbox 720 rumoured in 2013

MIcrosoft’s Xbox gamIng consoles have been some of the most successful gamIng consoles that have ever been released and despIte enterIng the market a lot later than theIr maIn rIval; Sony, they have managed to take a huge percentage of the console market and they are now rumoured to have another product up theIr sleeve. AccordIng to the latest rumours ...

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Inside The Game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex - Human Revolution

Here Is yet another InsIde the game post, because yes, we’re so tIred of the soon-to-be-released game posts anymore. WhIle yesterday we posted about a new WII game, today we’re goIng to post about a new PC game. We have already mentIoned In a post In the past how the PC gamIng Industry Is slowly declInIng because of the reIgn ...

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