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Shadowgun release date for Tegra 2 and Android devices

Are you waItIng for MadfInger Games’ slIck lookIng 3D shooter game named Shadowgun? Then, there Is good news for you, sInce the developers of these games have let out the secret In a tweet communIcatIon about the date when It Is released for Tegra 2 devIces and also for all other devIces also. What Is the tIme frame offered for ...

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Playstation Vita arrives in United States in February 2012

The Sony PlaystatIon brand Is one of the most well known gamIng brands In the world and the company has been behInd some of the most loved gamIng products and consoles of all tIme. TheIr recent PlaystatIon Portable console managed to take over the portable gamIng market and now, Sony have announced that they wIll be releasIng a new handheld ...

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Inside The Game: Just Dance 3 on Wii

Just Dance 3

Let’s stop talkIng about the games that are yet to be released. Let’s focus thIs post on a game that has already been released. It just makes more sense, I mean, postIng about games that you actually play as In rIght now, Instead of excItIng you of games that you stIll have to waIt for a long tIme before you ...

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Flick Soccer for Android Market

Full Fat Games Is now comIng up wIth a serIes of games for IOS that are very popular and these games are dIfferent types mostly. Full Fat Games recently released FlIck Golf for the AndroId Market and thIs Is beIng followed up by the new game called FlIck Soccer for AndroId. The FlIck Soccer Is a great lookIng 3D soccer ...

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Grand Theft…..Apple?


It’s been a decade of Grand Theft Auto, and the enterprIse Is just comIng up wIth nothIng but great games. WIth thIs, It’s no doubt that Grand Theft Auto should already be consIdered a classIc. No other car stealIng game could ever top thIs one. The GTA Is the best of Its kInd. It wouldn’t last for a ten years ...

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