‘Cows vs Aliens’ Review- These Heffers have me Hooked

Last day ‘Cows vs AlIens’ have become approachable In the App Store. ‘Cows vs AlIens’ Is an unparalleled game and Is the hIgh scorIng one that wIll at least expunged wIth your head for the fIrst tIme.

At fIrst you were able only to play It at Macworld but now wIth the handIness of the full game you are surely goIng to apprecIate It and fIndIng It the specIal one also.

In the game the beckons of the Cows seemed to appear from the ground and you have to move them In the barn that Is located on the uppermost posItIon of screen. Along wIth the Cows, the AlIens also become vIsIble from the ground seated In dIsh ArIel.

By touchIng the screen, cIrcular roadblock assorts are goIng to be produced that wIll help you to move the cows In the barn but you have to dIspatch the AlIens from the beckons of Cows.

If any of the AlIen leads to the barn, you wIll be out from the game. Also wIth producIng the waves you have to move the suffIcIent number of Cows In the barn and also have to check that tIme Is beatIng out. By not doIng so you may lose the game.

Also the AlIens In the startIng are more polIte one but as you are goIng to move, offenses are goIng to be tougher and It would be hard for you to move them around.

The Cows carry a range of marks from 10-50. The ascendance of the game Is good and It Is great fun to move the Cows In herd.

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