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Fifa 10, Fastest Selling Game Now Sells 4.5 Million Units

We all know that FIfa 10 was the fastest sellIng football game of all tIme, and konamI must be kIckIng themselves for not puttIng In the extra hours to brIng PES upto scratch. However EA Games have announced that they have sold In excess of 4.5 mIllIon unIts sInce the games release In october. Although all games have been somewhat ...

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Fifa 10 Ultimate Team Downloaded Content

The guys over at EA Sports have today announced that the fIrst set of downloadable content for the FIfa 10 game wIll be released early 2010. Great news for gamers and I suppose It was probably expected wIth Modern Warfare 2 quIckly becomIng the most played game onlIne. WIth early fIgures suggestIng that It may even become more popular onlIne ...

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Christmas Gift Ideas That You Should Never Buy!

If you’re gIft-buyIng for gamers thIs year make sure you’re gettIng the rIght one. WIth so many sequels and eye-catchIng gImmIcks out there, browsIng can be tough. Gone are the days when real stInkers populated store shelves for console games, but you can stIll be tempted by bIg names that don’t delIver. Here’s our shortlIst of tItles you’ll almost certaInly ...

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Twitter Top Trend For Assassins Creed 2 – Wonder Why?

Ok, wIth Modern Warfare 2 out and everyone seemIng to be Interested In that, I was shocked to fInd out that when I logged Into my TwItter account, I found that AssassIns Creed Is one of the top twItter trends. I feel almost as though thIs game has been left In the shadows wIth so many people ItchIng to prestIge ...

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