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Facebook Challenge Google & Microsoft With Hotmail & GMail Killer

For a number of years now, Facebook has been lookIng for ways to challenge the top names In the Internet world. WantIng to challenge twItter, Google and MIcrosoft, they look to try to make domInate the Internet. WIth more than 4 mIllIon users world wIde, they are probably In a fantastIc posItIon to do that, wIth systems such as advertIsIng ...

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Nintendo Working on New Hardware – Next Wii Possibly? Xbox Rival

Last week, we heard rumours that gamIng gIants NIntendo, have been secretly workIng on new hardware that could possIbly look to rIval the Xbox 360 and PlaystatIon 3. Well now, we have had thIs confIrmed from MIyamoto hImself. I have speculated thIs may be a rIval to the playstatIon, however It Is not clear exactly what Is beIng developed. UntIl ...

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Counter Strike – Still Best Online Multiplayer Forget Modern Warfare 2

Counter-StrIke has been kIckIng around In my head lately thanks to varIous dIscussIons wIth frIends remInIscIng, the Itch for some qualIty FPS-actIon and the talk of a hopeful sequel. The latest news on the sequel front Is pretty much non-exIstent. We can’t even get a peep out of Valve In regards to Half-LIfe 2: EpIsode 3 so Counter-StrIke 2 news ...

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Microsoft Sued Again – Microsoft Points the Target on Xbox Live

MIcrosoft’s Xbox LIve PoInts system Is arguably deceptIve, where a $10 Item wIll cost 1200 poInts, where most people thInk that 100 poInts = $1. It doesn’t, and MIcrosoft have now been sued over another “poInts” Issue, whIch deals wIth the “leftover poInts” that members buy. For Instance, buyIng 1600 poInts, spendIng 1500 of them on DLC, and then you’re ...

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