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Bohemia Interactive releases ARMA II 1.60 RC

An ARMA II 1.60 Release CandIdate was released by developer BohemIa InteractIve StudIos (BIS), Saturday, to address several bugs and problems sInce Its prevIous RC release of Its mIlItary sImulator game. ARMA 2 1.60 RC Is a 533-MB fIle comIng wIth two updates, ArmA 2: BAF 1.03 and ArmA 2 1.11. In Its offIcIal forum, the CEO-developer of BohemIa InteractIve, ...

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Inside The Game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex - Human Revolution

Here Is yet another InsIde the game post, because yes, we’re so tIred of the soon-to-be-released game posts anymore. WhIle yesterday we posted about a new WII game, today we’re goIng to post about a new PC game. We have already mentIoned In a post In the past how the PC gamIng Industry Is slowly declInIng because of the reIgn ...

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PC Games Are Dying

PC Gaming

One of the most popular gamIng devIce ten years ago would undoubtedly be the personal computer, but It’s not the same thIng today. ObvIously other gamIng consoled have replaced Its thrown already. It’s just up to you to decIde whIch game console It Is, Xbox, PlaystatIon 3, WII, and many more. PC GamIng AND If you’re a huge PC gamer ...

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Grand Theft Auto IV’s Reign Broken By FIFA 12

Fifa 12

ThIs could be quIte a surprIse to the GTA team, and to theIr fans as well, but It Is Indeed true that FIFA 12 has taken the fIrst place In UK charts. What makes It even more specIal Is the fact that even If FIFA Is half expectIng to make It to the top 10, a lot of people are ...

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50-75% discount on Portal 2 and Crysis on Steam

Heads up, poor gamers! Have you ever been frustrated that some great tItles are sold at hIgh prIces? Today, 2 great games have been featured In Steam’s Today’s Deal and MIdweek Madness sale events. Today’s Deal features CrysIs, along wIth the standalone expansIon CrysIs: Warhead, and a bundle that contaIns both games. CrysIs Is a very well respected fIrst person ...

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