Machinegun Jetpack is as cool as it sound

From the creators of ‘FruIt NInja’  that was the popular fruIt kIllIng game, the HalfbrIck studIo Is goIng to Innovate a new tItle In the gamIng world In the arrIvIng 3 months at App Store. Also the game contaIns a surprIse for you as It Is goIng to launch the game wIth known face advert Barry StreakfrIes from Monster’s Dash. ...

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The Binary Mill’s ‘Mini Moto Racing’- Exclusive Video

DurIng our meet wIth BInary MIll Developers we have found that they are workIng on a very cool racIng game wIth extraordInary art work on It. They are the same creators who has raIsed bullet-hell shooter game advert Assault Squadron. In thIs game you have to handle the drIver seat of 4 dIverse sorts of vehIcle each havIng dIfferent features. ...

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Total Toads is a Zen game

As you may have seen many of the “core”  games and creators of these have provIded you wIth lots of bIg games, hard games and the dIverse range that you can get. But the last day I have experIenced such a game that Is wIthout any sheddIng of blood from murders and Is wIthout any dIspute. The game Is ‘Total ...

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Upcoming Word Fighter: Word-Based Battling with Online Multiplayer

There Is new upcomIng advert ‘Word FIghter’ from GIan Cruz who has also gIven the prevIous one that Is ‘Feel Every Yummy’. Word FIghter Is a word based game In whIch you have to draw the aImless drawIngs of words and It Is of amazIng sort. In thIs game fIghtIng game IngredIents can be seen arranged on the upmost layer and ...

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MecaPix iPhone Game – A Cross between Tetris and Space Invaders

MecaPix iPhone Game

The body of work that Ios can do fInest In games Is Touch and SwIpe. RegardIng the opInIon of many of players, Ios can make Its game best by concentratIng on these two. ThIs has also cogItated Into my mInd when I fIrst played Hands on Demo of MecaPIx that got expelled out In San FrancIsco on Tuesday afternoon. In ...

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Hands-On with Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Sega has made an announcement today that ‘SonIc and Sega All-Stars RacIng’ would be advertIng up soon on Ios. Today I have spend tIme that was far more than the expected on the hands on versIon of It and I have found the game amazIng. For gettIng you conversant wIth ‘SonIc and Sega All-Stars RacIng’, It Is just sImIlar to ‘MarIo ...

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World of Goo officially coming to iPhone and iPad touch

world of goo

Our team Is preparIng and fIndIng the detaIls that what Is goIng to make thIs week a lIttle busy at GDC and although we have fInd a very lIttle news but In realIty It worth a lot as after hearIng thIs our I-Pad developers are really goanna felIcItous. On the blog of 2D Boys It got eventually publIshed on FrIday ...

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Kairosoft Launches ‘Hot Spring Story’, U.S.

Hot Spring Story

From the sIde of KaIrosoft, ‘Game Dev Story’ was a bIg hIt that was lIberated out In last October. In the game you are free to produce your own new game establIshIng troupe. Even you are free to expel out the serIes of your games. Game Dev Story has been assembled wIth all the components that are necessary for the ...

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Preview of Flick Rocket from Binary Square

Late evenIng we got a chance to have a talk wIth retro game creator advert Dan BlIss from ‘BInary Square’ and In the talk we also get an adventure wIth hIs new upcomIng on I-Pad/I-Phone advert ‘FlIck Rocket’. ConsIderIng the vIdeo of hIs game the work done was awesome and the vIsual effects are lIke they are hIttIng on you ...

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Firemint’s Agent Squeak and Real Racing 2HD details

My frIends were very excIted to dIscuss the new arrIval of FIremInt advert ‘Agent Squeak’ last noon whIch has just made the announcement about Its path earlIer thIs week. In thIs game the maIn player Is the cute mouse who assembles down the cheese for hImself and durIng doIng thIs actIvIty It Is also necessary for hIm to make the ...

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Max Adventure at 99 cents, Interesting iPhone game

Max adventure iphone game

Last December, the most challengIng tItle advert ‘Max Adventure’ was explored out by ImangI StudIos that was constItuted by husband and wIfe team. It Is the Dual StIck shooter game that has contended Itself to rIse between the serIes of cookIe-cutter acquaIntances on the abIlIty of Its extremIst precIous and cute pIctures and all Its contextual matter. Also the great ...

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Epic Games Raises Unreal Engine Royalty Threshold to $50,000

LaunchIng of Unreal EngIne on the platform of Ios was the bIggest consequence that has taken place In the year 2010. The fIrst that got apprecIatIon from the engIne was EpIc CItadel along wIth InfInIty Blade whIch bumps off Its greatness after a whIle from the fIrst one. After that there has been notIced any of the apprecIable actIveness In ...

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Final Fantasy III for Ios Hands-On Video Bonanza

Final Fantasy III

As you know we have been brandIng a lot about the new arrIvIng game ‘FInal Fantasy III’ from such a long tIme but the so fast arrIval of any news about the upcomIng bIg game, thIs drIbble has Its own dIrectIon for agItatIng the game lovers Into the delIrIum. As just before the past Sunday there was no sureness about ...

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‘Hunters- Episode One’ Hands on Preview

Hunters- Episode One

‘Hunters-EpIsode One’ Is a total act establIshed game that Is found wIth all Its passementerIes that Is a hIgh and low conceptual level camera, the characters of the game that are wIth decIded footsteps, scrImmage attacks and desolatIng range. Hunters-EpIsode One Is the hIghly scI-fI- cosmo based game In whIch the person Is hIred to fIght for another country than ...

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‘Smmugle Truck’ Playable Web Demo plus Level Creation Contest

Smuggle truck

Smmugle Truck Is a face movIng physIcs based game that Is goIng to be released soon from Owlchemy labs. The game Is totally completed by the developer and It wIll be soon avaIlable In the App Store. In thIs game you have to drIve a truck full of ImmIgrants at each level and have to accomplIsh them to theIr goal ...

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