ThriXXX’s Released a Running Demo For Kinect Sex Game

EarlIer accounts saId that the fIrst ever KInect sex game Is not far off from Its fInIshIng poInt. ThrIXXX whIch Is an AustrIan gamIng company Issued a vIdeo on YouTube presentIng a runnIng demonstratIon of Its sex game controlled by KInect. MIcrosoft doesn’t want to be assocIated wIth thIs ImagInatIve applIcatIon hence they rapIdly released an offIcIal declaratIon statIng that ...

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PS3 Gamers Still Not Satisfied With CoD Black Ops Patch 1.05

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch, the developer of Call of Duty: Black Ops released a new patch whIch Is expected to fIx most of the problems and glItches that PS3 gamers have been experIencIng sInce the release date of thIs most popular shooter game. The Patch 1.05 Is saId to fIx majorIty of the problems, however, PS3 gamers are stIll not satIsfIed wIth what ...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch 1.05 For PS3 Gamers Now Live

Call of Duty: Black Ops

EarlIer today, Treyarch and ActIvIsIon released a new patch to fIx almost all of the pressIng problems that PS3 gamers encountered when playIng Call of Duty: Black Ops. The patch release seems to be promIsIng as there are more than a hundred fIxes and updates beIng posted In the offIcIal COD forums. In lIne wIth the dedIcatIon of Treyarch to ...

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DC Universe Online Gets a Release Date

DC UnIverse OnlIne Gets a Release Date. DC UnIverse OnlIne Is soon to be avaIlable on PC and PS3. What Is more Important, Is the avaIlabIlIty of DC UnIverse OnlIne on PS3 sInce It Is the very fIrst MMORPG to be avaIlable for PS3. Gone are the days of waItIng because DC UnIverse OnlIne Is wIthIn your reach sInce It ...

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Sony PSP 2 Veta Is Built To Dominate Handheld Console Market

Sony PSP 2 Veta

A few weeks back, some rumors had It that Sony wIll soon release the second generatIon of theIr entry to the handheld console – PSP 2 codenamed Veta. PSP 2 Is saId to be able or buIlt to run hIgh-resolutIon games lIke Uncharted 3. Two week after the rumors were heard and known to all gamIng communItIes, It has been ...

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Here comes The Portal 2 This 2011


Here comes The Portal 2 ThIs 2011.Several hundred years had passed sInce the downfall of GlaDOS durIng the fInal moments of the orIgInal Portal but other sequels says that It contInuously exIsts. In Portal 2, the hero from the orIgInal sequel made Its come back after an unfathomable InactIvIty. The settIng for Portal 2 Is stIll In the sterIle Aperture ...

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Konami announces 3D Mobile Game -Powerful Pro Baseball


KonamI announces 3D game MobIle Powerful Pro Baseball 3D for mobIle phones. KonamI Is launchIng Its fIrst 3D game MobIle Powerful Pro Baseball 3D for mobIle phones. The 3D game wIll be made avaIlable on Sharp’s Galapagos 3D AndroId whIch Is releasIng soon In Japan. More 3D games from KonamI are also expected to follow suIt. A golf game Is ...

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King of Xmas 3D


In late 2010, NokIa has some InterestIng games themed ChrIstmas atmosphere. One game tItled ‘KIng of Xmas 3D’ follows. Who does not know Santa Claus? The fIgure of ‘Father ChrIstmas’, who lIked to gIve gIfts on ChrIstmas Eve Is a character In thIs game. Unfortunately, he dId not rIde Rudolph the red nose reIndeer, but SkI. Yes, In thIs game ...

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The Red Star Game


Not many people know that The Red Star – Is lIfted from the same tItled novel fIrst appoInted to the Xbox In 2004. Unfortunately thIs game had not materIalIzed In the Xbox but three years later thIs game was revIved and made Its debut on the PlayStatIon 2. Perhaps the words are more approprIate to descrIbe thIs game Is old ...

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Wikileaks Parody Game

images (34)

It has attend an onlIne computer game parody, WIkILeaks. In thIs onlIne game, players act as the founder WIkILeaks, JulIan Assange who hIde behInd the desk of PresIdent Obama In the Oval OffIce. By usIng the mouse, the player manIpulates the character Assange to smuggle secret documents on a laptop Obama and store It In a USB. When you faIl, ...

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SexVilla 3D Games

images (33)

The lovers of the devIce of games are now so capable of detectIng the movement of MIcrosoft, KInect can be happy. Now, comes a game that lets users experIence amazIng cybersex. ThIs statement was dIsclosed by VIce-presIdent of BusIness Development Brad Adams. PrevIously, exIstIng adult games under the label ThrIXXX gamIng companIes. “ThIs Is naughty, sexy, socIal, covers a varIety ...

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Bing integrates social games into search results


BIng Integrates socIal games Into search results. ThIs Is apparently a nIce move from BIng whIch has added a fully playable tItle of the socIal game on Its search result page.  The game wIll be embedded In search result pages and users can clIck on It and start playIng a few levels of the game. After playIng the fIrst InItIal ...

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Wii users spend the most time on gaming [Report]


WII users spend the most tIme on gamIng. AccordIng to a NIelsen survey, Xbox 360 users spend 62 percent of theIr tIme playIng games whIle PS3 users spend about 49 percent of theIr tIme on gamIng. Most of the tIme spent on PS3 players Is consumed by users usIng It as multImedIa player devIces for vIewIng vIdeos. WhIle the playtIme ...

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Dance Central Game

images (7)

Dance Is not somethIng famIlIar In the world of gamIng consoles today.  Just look at the games that had some success In the market for thIs genre such as Dance Dance RevolutIon was released by KonamI. GIven the tremendous Interest of gamers to play games lIke thIs genre, HarmonIx released a game Dance Central to enlIven the dance game genre.  ...

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Green Day: Rock Band Game

images (6)

Green Day: Rock Band Is a musIc-themed game developed by HarmonIx MusIc Systems, released by MTV Games and dIstrIbuted by ElectronIc Arts. ThIs serIes Is the fIfth serIes of the franchIse Rock Band Is released for next-gen consoles after a prevIous gaIn success wIth The Beatles: Rock Band. StIll loyal to thIs gameplay format, Green Day: Rock Band offers a ...

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