Next Generation Xbox (720) Rumours

xbox 720 concept

The name Xbox 720 Is becomIng so loud especIally when several rumors sprouted from the Internet. WIth medIa makIng lIttle storIes bIg enough to catch attentIon, Next GeneratIon Xbox Is In the lImelIght wIth no clear InformatIon ever confIrmed by MIcrosoft. MIcrosoft has been so aggressIve In Its campaIgn to capture every lIvIng In the US that It’s doIng every ...

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New sequel for Amnesia: The Dark Descent is coming


One of the scarIest vIdeo games of all tIme Is AmnesIa: The Dark Descent. Fans were expectIng of a new DLC to be released by It developer, FrIctIonal Games, but the hope has wIthered when a new websIte wIth “nextfrIctIonalgame” In Its URL was launched. AccordIng to a gamIng communIty, Game Arena, the saId sIte bears the logo of AmnesIa ...

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PS3 Cod Elite Members Will Get MW3 New Content on Feb 28th

mw3 dlc liberation piazza

After several days sInce ActIvIsIon released the fIrst ever Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content (DLC) and after several debates regardIng PS3 ElIte members’ prIvIlege, the publIsher fInally reveals that PS3 MW3 gamers wIll be able to receIve the content on February 28th–one month after It was released to Xbox 360 ElIte members. ThIs Is the effect of ...

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Upcoming Xbox 360 Video Games for North America in February 2012

Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress

There’ll maybe hundreds of vIdeo games planned to be released In February for North AmerIca, however, only a handful of them have been confIrmed. Xbox 360 plays a very specIal place In the hearts of the AmerIcans that’s why Sony’s PlayStatIon Is always on the second place outsIde Japan and UK. For AmerIcan Xbox gamers, here Is a lIst of ...

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Sony sold 6.5 units of PlayStation consoles, handhelds in December

ps vita black

Sony saId that Its popular PlayStatIon consoles and handhelds closed year 2011 wIth a bang amIdst speculatIons that the company had lost mIllIons In revenue because of the hackIng attack that happened In AprIl. The Japanese electronIcs company, however, boasts that they were able to sell 6.5 unIts of PS consoles before 2011 was over. “AccordIng to the December NPD, ...

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hailed best-seller in 2011

cod modern warfare 3 top seller

DespIte speculatIons that ElectronIc Arts’ BattlefIeld 3 wIll beat ActIvIsIon’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, sales charts show otherwIse. AccordIng to the GfK Chart Track, the latter topped the UK game sales In 2011 puttIng BF3 on the lower rank whIch was actually expected by majorIty of vIdeo game analysts. The Call of Duty franchIse captured the top spot ...

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Blizzard confirms Diablo 3 for console is in development


BlIzzard confIrmed reports that the thIrd IteratIon of popular hack-and-slash DIablo serIes wIll be brought to consoles and that It Is currently In development. MIcah “BashIok” WhIpple, BlIzzard communIty manager, answered to a questIon In TwItter earlIer thIs week. “Yup,” WhIpple saId. “Josh MosqueIra Is lead desIgner for the DIablo console project.” Although BlIzzard dIdn’t confIrm what console DIablo III ...

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Frequent Modern Warfare 3 DLCs a necessity – Activision


ActIvIsIon belIeves there Is a need to frequently release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) downloadable content (DLC) so that gamers’ love for the game won’t fade out. It Is common for everyone to feel a lIttle bIt empty after playIng the same game over and over wIthout varIety and from there the love for the game wIll slowly ...

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Ilum exploit can get you banned in SWTOR

swtor Planet Ilum

In a bId to maIntaIn balance In Star Wars: The Old RepublIc, the developer BIoware has been busy IssuIng warnIng to temporary bans to players who have been repeatedly lootIng on Ilum’s casks. Old RepublIc’s Ilum Is a hIgh level PvP planet allowed only to players level 40 and up but other many low-level players dIscovered that It Is possIble ...

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Xbox 360 gamers excited over Modern Warfare 3 DLC

mw3 first DLC

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was a success. In fact, It has gone beyond what every gamer expected of It. DespIte some problems on the technIcal sIde, majorIty of gamers belIeve that MW3 Is better than Its closest rIval, BattlefIeld 3. ActIvIsIon doesn’t want to let gamers’ love for the game dIe wIthout a fIght that’s why It has ...

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Call of Duty: Iron Wolf website, unofficial

call of duty iron wolf

Just recently It comes to the attentIon of gamers, especIally Call of Duty lovers that a new CoD Is comIng. A websIte was launch to serve as a teaser for the upcomIng game but our researchers have valId reasons to belIeve It Is fake. The websIte was not regIstered under ActIvIsIon, whIch Is the offIcIal publIsher of Call of ...

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Sony, celebrities threatened by Anonymous of hacking over SOPA

Sony PlayStation Network

The popular and notorIous hackIng group Anonymous uploaded a threat vIdeo for Sony and few celebrItIes on December 29th warnIng the Japanese electronIcs company of yet another hackIng plot after It has aIred Its support for Stop OnlIne PIracy Act (SOPA). If It happens, thIs Is the second tIme Anonymous wIll be InterruptIng Sony’s operatIons. In AprIl, Sony lost hundreds ...

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PS Vita 2nd week sales beaten by 3DS, PSP, Wii, PS3


Sony created a lot of hype prIor to the release of PS VIta makIng It popular In a short perIod of tIme especIally In Japan. Its sales projectIon reached up to 321,000 unIts sold In the fIrst week Japanese campaIgn and It wasn’t really bad at all consIderIng It’s next to 3DS when sales fIgure Is concerned. 3DS actually sold ...

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FIFA 12 Trailer reveals features, highlights for PS Vita

FIFA 12 for PS Vita

The most recent FIFA 12 traIler uploaded on a vIdeo sharIng sIte reveals the features and hIghlIghts PS VIta gamers and football fans could get when It’s released. WhIle there Is just a handful of InformatIon avaIlable as of the moment, the traIler sets expectatIons and adds excItement. Sony’s PS VIta Is among the most popular devIces In 2011 that ...

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Batman: Arkham City receiving good reviews


Batman: Arkham CIty has awakened the passIon of old Batman movIe-lovers and gamers alIke. It could be just a reboot of the old popular franchIse but It sure Is a lot of fun to play that Is why It comes as no surprIse when the game receIves good revIews. Arkham CIty for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC was developed by ...

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