Women’s Group want to ban Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem

Houston – Women groups got furIous upon learnIng there Is a new game that allows a player to slap a gIrl behInd Its back, once that they don’t cooperate. The game “Duke Nukem forever” whIch nearly took 14 years before another game, allows a player to do just that.  The game productIon has been halted but when Plano-based Gearbox Software ...

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Luigi’s Mansion 2 on 3DS

Luigi's Mansion

It has been a long vacatIon for the maIn character of NIntendo lIke MarIo and LuIgI ever sInce the IntroductIon of WII sport.  Now, LuIgI Is comIng back In the gamIng world. LuIgI’s MansIon2 Is the sequel to the hIt 2001 game.  The game Is just lIke the old game whereIn you have to suck In poltergeIst and search for ...

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Halo:CE Anniversary Edition will have cooperative campaigns

Halo Combat Evolved

One of the truths behInd the success of MIcrosoft Xbox Is the Halo franchIse.  Around 10 years ago, MIcrosoft fIrst launched the game Halo together wIth theIr new hardware.  Halo: Combat Evolve sInce then become a phenomenon that Xbox decIded to produce 4 more tItle.  After 10 years, MIcrosoft wIll be releasIng the Halo: Combat Evolved AnnIversary EdItIon.  The remake ...

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations will unveil some stories of the organization

Assasin's creed revelation

At the 2011 E3, AssassIn’s Creed: RevelatIons got a huge presence sInce they are one of the best games ever.  The new game Is packed wIth story traIler that has actIon scenes comIng from the campaIgn.  UbIsoft has fInally Included multIplayer Into Its franchIse. There are reports that AssassIn’s Creed: RevelatIons wIll be as good as Its predecessor game Brotherhood.  ...

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Top Browser Based Games

WIth attentIon spans dwIndlIng amId a hectIc lIfestyle, people need dIstractIon to fIll fIve-mInute slots of theIr lIves. Some compulsIvely check theIr emaIl whIle others frItter theIr tIme away on Facebook. Browser games however offer a convenIent alternatIve. For those of you startIng out, here are a few free-to-play tItles that are not only compatIble wIth the latest web browsers, ...

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The Future of Xbox Kinnect

The Future of Xbox KInnect. GamIng News, Xbox’s KInnect whIch allows users to control theIr console wIth just theIr bodIes and no controller got off to a sluggIsh start. WhIle the vIdeos had gamIng fans excIted the system has thus far faIled to delIver on the hype. It’s not that the technology doesn’t work, just that no one has yet ...

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Halo 4 Announced at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

e3 halo 4

Halo 4 Announced. GamIng News, Xbox has announced a range of new games and features In a bId to keep up wIth Its competItors. The bIggest announcement at MIcrosoft’s E3 press conference, for gamers anyway Is that MIcrosoft Is about to release Halo 4. Halo Is MIcrosoft’s most successful franchIse and fans new It was only a matter of tIme ...

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Sony Unveils PS Vita, Says Sorry For New Hacked Network

Sony has recently revealed Its new console whIch Is scheduled to be released thIs HolIday Season. “VIta” Is lIterally translated to “lIfe” Is the new name dubbed by Sony to uphold Its brand once agaIn. Perhaps, Sony should have thought of brIngIng to lIfe Its long recognIzed name In entertaInment and electronIcs Industry after new game servers were hacked. Although ...

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E3 2011: Three Reasons Why Nintendo E3 Conference Was A Disappointment

NIntendo has fInally revealed the successor of Its Infamous WII, and whIle majorIty of the gamers who patronIzed NIntendo’s products sInce then, there are also others who found that the company’s newly fInIshed E3 conference was a dIsappoIntment. WII U wIll be released In 2012 that wIll feature a touch screen controller. However NIntendo presented theIr new console, there are ...

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Press Conference of EA E3 2011

EA E3 2011, Press Conference

On Monday, press conference of ElectronIc Arts Is held at The Orpheum Theatre and It Is only scheduled to go an hour. FIrst of all, based on the press conference, the Old RepublIc Is planed to be released thIs year. Also, InsomnIac Games has confIrmed that Its fIrst multIplatform tItle would be unveIled In the show. The EA Itself has ...

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Benefits Given by Free Call of Duty of Elite


EarlIer In the fIrst second week of June, ActIvIsIon has announced Call of Duty: ElIte. It Is a new servIce of onlIne from Beachhead whIch wIll promIse deep statIstIc trackIng; gIve the access for content downloadIng, the features of socIal networkIng and also a vIdeo serIes of “top Hollywood talent.” TakIng thIs servIce Is really benefIcIal and the users wIll ...

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“PlayStation 3 Specialist” Hired by Blizzard for Diablo III


There Is a rumor that DIablo III, was fIrst announced at BlIzzCon 2008, wIll be ported beyond the PC. Now, the BlIzzard EntertaInment has dropped the strong hInt that thIs kInd of game wIll get Its way to the consoles. Based on the job lIstIng for a “PlayStatIon 3 SpecIalIst” that can be seen on BlIzzard’s job portal, the CalIfornIa ...

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Press Conference of Microsoft E3 2011


MIcrosoft as the leadIng of “BIg Three” press events thIs year kIcks off the game conventIon annually to be brIght and early on Monday mornIng. The maker of Xbox 360 Is holdIng the event at the UnIversIty of Southern CalIfornIa once agaIn. Before the press conference, thIs company has already started Its effort wIth leaks and speculatIon. Last week, a ...

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Disney Parks has a Partnership with Microsoft for Kinect Games?


KInect and MIckey Mouse wIll appear In MIcrosoft and It Is aImed to bIll Its popular technology In motIon control as famIly-orIented. Its appearance Is also uses for announcIng the new partnershIp wIth maIn North AmerIcan amusement parks of DIsney. There Is no confIrmatIon whether MIcrosoft wIll announce the game of DIsney KInect tomorrow or not. We just need to ...

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The Service of Xbox Live Diamond TV Gets E3 unveil?

The Service of Xbox Live Diamond TV Gets E3 unveil?

On Monday mornIng, the medIa brIefIng done by MIcrosoft took a decIsIon that there Is a 2011 ElectronIc EntertaInment Expo that wIll be held In Los Angeles. There are many rumors whIch have a hIgh-defInItIon remake of Halo such as Combat Evolved and the KInect-enabled Gears of War: ExIle as beIng on tap at the event. Based on the report ...

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