Blizzard Speaks on Diablo III System Requirements

The world Is waItIng for DIablo III wIth open arms. Although the game’s developer, BlIzzard hasn’t confIrmed a release date yet, It has been releasIng snIppets of InformatIon about DIablo III to keep Its fans enchanted. Recently Jay WIlson of BlIzzard spoke about the system requIrements of DIablo III.

The whole of BlIzzard’s DIablo III wIll be In three dImensIons (3D). The developers of DIablo have used state of art graphIcs and desIgns. It wIll run on DIrectX 9, not requIrIng DIrectX10 to run. The system requIrements of DIablo III wIll be pretty low end but It may make slIghtly hIgher demands on the system than BlIzzard’s StarCraft II.

Jay WIlson, speakIng on behalf of BlIzzard stated that currently, plans for a specIfIc DIrectX 10 support are not on the cards. As of now, the game Is runnIng on a DIrectX 9 across a wIde spectrum of systems wIth a really fast speed. WIlson has also stated that BlIzzard aIms at keepIng the system requIrements for all Its games pretty low. RIght now, an exclusIve DIrectX 10 support Is not beIng favoured. The developers at DIablo are focusIng on combInIng art wIth technology to delIver a good lookIng yet hIgh-speed game. ContInuIng In BlIzzard’s tradItIon of ambIguIty WIlson stated, “We don’t exactly know what the system specs are yet, but we’ll try to keep them pretty low.”

Back In 2008, speculatIons were rIpe that BlIzzard would use DIrectX 10 and hence runnIng the game on a Mac would be dIffIcult If not entIrely ImpossIble. BlIzzard’s goal of keepIng the system requIrements for DIablo III low brow has delIghted fans. It means that they wIll be able to run the game on theIr Apple Macs. However, keepIng In pace wIth BlIzzard’s habIt of partIal secrecy, the precIse system specIfIcatIons wIll remaIn wrapped In mystery tIll further comment from BlIzzard.

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