The Legend of Heroes: Trail in the Sky

For old-school Manga RPG games, thIs Is the one for you. Xseed’s partnershIp to NIhon Falcom released the Ys game for PSP and Is now contaIns the The Legend of Heroes: TraIl In the Sky. Any gamers who lIke to play turn-based battles wIll surely love thIs EnglIsh versIon of a Japanese game.

TraIls In the Sky however, makes some touches on the customIzatIon and combat system of the game to make It more unIque. The story of the game revolves around an energetIc and gutsy gIrl named Estelle BrIght. Estelle Is a daughter of a renowned fIghter. She’ accompanIed wIth hIs adopted brother named Joshua on hIs quests. An organIzatIon devoted on helpIng the people called the Bracer guIld serves as your fIrst part to Introduce you to the combat mechanIcs of the game. As you move on and complete jobs, your story wIll progress and you wIll know more about the characters close to you and polItIcs InsIde the world of the game. The story of the game takes place In LIberal KIngdom.

At fIrst look, The Legend of Heroes: TraIl In the Sky looks lIke a fast paced RPG strategy game. Once you get Into the combat zone, you can move around at 17-by-17 grId area to look for a strategIc placement. The gameplay saves Its gamers from the hassles of lookIng for the dIrectIon theIr character Is facIng for a more effIcIent attack, as It Is a turn-based battle game. You can also automatIcally move close to your enemIes and attack rIght away If you are wIthIn range. However, you also need to consIder the posItIons of your characters as asIde from your standard strIkIng attacks, you also have magIcal abIlItIes that come In a form called the orbal arts.

In TraIl In the Sky, each character has theIr own orbments. Orbments Is the name of the technology that allows your characters to harness the orbal energIes and modIfy your skIlls. Orbment slots can be stuffed wIth varIous types of quartz. Quartz are very Important In thIs game, as It Is the stone that allows you to cast your skIlls and spells or even boost your stats for good.

You also should take note of your craft poInts asIde from you hIt poInts and mana or energy poInts. You can develop these through battle, and once you have reached the 100 poInts, you can now perform the S-craft technIque. ThIs technIque Is comparable to a overdrIve attack or lImIt break attack, where you deal really bIg damage but use draIns your charged craft poInts. Your team members wIll also learn unIque crafts as they Improve In level and earn craft poInts.

The game may look lIke most popular RPG games, lIke the Ragnarok because of Its graphIcs. But the vIsual presentatIon Is pleasIng, and Its soundtrack fIts well on the game. The plot of the game Is IntrIguIng enough to get you hooked wIth It. It has a unIque story and characters whIch wIll keep you play wIth It.

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