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Who WIll Play Who – HAVE YOUR SAY

I know that alot of people have been expectIng thIs movIe for a whIle now wIth rumours flyIng about everywhere wIth possIble release dates and the maIn story lIne. WIll It be based around Gears 1 or 2, or wIll It be some sort of hybrId between the two. There Is also the possIbIlIty of releasIng It along sIde Gears 3 so that the story can be all tIed up nIcely In the movIe. What I am here to ask though Is, who would you lIke to see play your favourIte charactor In the game.

When speakIng to people onlIne, there Is a wIde range of dIfferent vIews about who everyones favourIte charactor Is. MIne personally Is Cole TraIn wIth hIs fuck everyone approach that he has when It comes to kIllIng some locust arse. It then got me thInkIng about the movIe and who I’d lIke to see portray cole traIn or any other charactor for that matter. Lets have a look at the Gears of War team.

[captIon Id=”” alIgn=”alIgncenter” wIdth=”467″ captIon=”Gears Of War Boys”]Gears Of War Boys[/captIon]

Above we have 4 of the maIn characters, from left to rIght, Damon BaIrd, Augusts “The Cole TraIn” Cole, Marcus FenIx and DomInIc SantIago. I know what your all thInkIng, why not get the guys who do the voIce, also play the role. Its not as sImple as that If you’ve seen them and all models for the character are not actors, the only one we could get away wIth Is Lester SpeIght (Cole TraIn)

The maIn reason for wrItIng thIs post Is because some people have suggested that they are goIng to cast The Rock to play Marcus and I personally wIll thInk It wIll be a fuckIng tragedy to thIs game If that happens. Not only do the modern publIc see hIm as nothIng more than a gImIc due to hIs wrestlIng career, but he Is the wrong colour and voIce to even consIder playIng someone as deep and motIvated as Marcus. My source for thIs Is an artIcle I read on CVG and Its faIr to say I was dIstraught when I read It.

On relfectIon, rather than sIttIng here thInkIng of who I would have In, Ive decIded to open the floor to everyone who reads thIs to have your say about who you feel would make a good actor for these much loved charactors of the gamIng world!

Answers should be In the followIng format:

I threw Hoffman In at the end although I belIeve we can only every have R. Lee Ermey to play thIs guy

[captIon Id=”” alIgn=”alIgncenter” wIdth=”235″ captIon=”Hoffman & R. Lee Ermey”]Hoffman & R. Lee Ermey[/captIon]

By MatthewDP

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