Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC – Will it bring you back to Bioware’s epic?

Bioware is slated to release the next big DLC release for Mass Effect 3 tomorrow on Tuesday, November 27th. The DLC  will task Shepard with taking back Omega from Cerberus occupation. Along the way, expect new party members to join the fight including Aria T’ Loak, and for the first time ever a female Turian. We all know what Aria can do but lets hope that the new Turian character is the female equivalent of one of the Mass Effect series most badass characters, Garrus.

The biggest question for Mass Effect fans and newcomers alike is whether or not the largest DLC pack in the history of the franchise is enough to get you back in the fight against the reapers? Questions still abound regarding the DLC including whether or not the two new companions can be played after the DLC is completed? Also, does the Omega DLC  have any effect on the ending?

I myself am a huge fan of the Mass Effect series; I am also one of the few people (at least that’s how it seems) that didn’t have a problem with the ending. That being said, this DLC doesn’t have me particularly excited considering that it is yet another mid-game DLC  that doesn’t lead to any new revelations regarding the ending, Shepard’s story, or the future of your squad members. Either way, Bioware is promising that this will be the biggest and most expansive DLC any Mass Effect title has ever seen. Let’s hope that the quality stands up to Bioware’s high standards.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to it, although I too didn’t have any issue with the ending (in fact, I thought it was one of the better endings to any game I can recall – though I may get slated for that).

    I guess any post-game content would depend on which direction they choose to go in with ME4 but here’s hoping for something!

  2. I am as well. I still wish that there was more clarification with the ending but I never looked at it as the end of the franchise which means I expected answers in the next game. Not everyone felt the same way.

  3. thats what i am hoping for that bioware will get more time to make the next direction for ME and i liked the ending and still respect them and i liked the extended cut but a little bit more perhaps but i hope the next game will be even better but i love that original feeling that i get from mass effect

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