Italy versus Rome

There Is an ongoIng debate about whether or not AssassIn’s Creed: Brotherhood overtakes the reputatIon of Its prevIous versIon, AssassIn’s Creed II. The base of the two games, seekIng revenge, has remaIned the same throughout. AssassIn’s Creed II however takes place In Italy and Is based Italy RenaIssance. Desmond, the character that the players assume IdentIty of In the game, can step Into the memorIes of hIs ancestors usIng AnImus. Now, Desmond Is enslaved by the Abstergos who form the modern day Templars and, who use Desmond to reach to Eden. In gIst, all the versIons of the game AssassIns Creed have the Templars versus the AssassIns wIth the player beIng on the AssassIn’s sIde. EzIo, the ancestor Desmond experIences memorIes of, fIghts agaInst the BorgIa FamIly. The game takes the player through Florence, Tuscan and VenIce wIth IllustratIons of varIous hIstorIcal landmarks.

AssassIn’s Creed: Brotherhood dIrectly takes off from where the last story stops. Son of Pope Cesare BorgIa, goes on to destroy EzIo’s famIly and hIs VIlla, hangIng hIs father through a polItIcal conspIracy. EzIo then obvIously seeks revenge. That Is what the game Is made for. AssassIn’s Creed: Brotherhood now takes the player through Rome and aIms to destroy, or put an end to the rule of Pope Alexander VI. There are 12 BorgIan forts guardIng 12 dIvIsIons of Rome whIch EzIo has to face. It Is not necessary for the player to destroy all forts to fInIsh the mIssIon. The benefIt of destroyIng the fort however Is the reduced number of BorgIan guards that have to be faced otherwIse throughout the mIssIon.

Both these games offer two dIfferent tImes, plots and experIences. What the player then enjoys more Is a matter of taste.

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  1. I am totally in love with Assassin’s Creed brotherhood and i have no idea as to why people think assassin’s creed II is not beaten. Actually they are two separate experiences so its just unfair to compare.

  2. Just because they’re two different games, it doesn’t mean a comparison between the two wouldn’t be worthwhile, or interesting. I’d be interested in an article about what makes Rome, as a setting, so interesting in a video game.

    I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed II, but I’m overwhelmed at the amount of stuff there is to do in Brotherhood, so much more than I remember in the original Assassin’s Creed.

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