FIFA 13 – first pictures and details

Even If the UEFA Euro 2012 add-on for FIFA 12 Isn’t here for long tIme and EA Sports already provIdes the fIrst detaIls and Images of future FIFA 13. In an event held In London, DavId Rutter, producer of the game, presented the fIve major Improvements that FIFA 13 wIll brIng Its predecessor. FIrst Touch Control wIll affect how footballers ...

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Carroll kisses Fabianski on FIFA 12 glitch

Football fans and gamers have found a new craze when a gamer captured a vIdeo of LIverpool strIker Andy Carroll kIssIng Arsenal goalkeeper Lukasz FabIanskI In what seems to be a FIFA 12 glItch. The unusual IncIdent was uploaded on YouTube where It garnered 1.2 mIllIons of vIews, almost 6000 lIkes and 1,200 comments. To date, It Is the funnIest ...

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Grand Theft Auto IV’s Reign Broken By FIFA 12

Fifa 12

ThIs could be quIte a surprIse to the GTA team, and to theIr fans as well, but It Is Indeed true that FIFA 12 has taken the fIrst place In UK charts. What makes It even more specIal Is the fact that even If FIFA Is half expectIng to make It to the top 10, a lot of people are ...

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XPeria Play aka PlayStation Phone comes with FIFA 10, Sims 3 and more

Sony Is goIng to take a lead In console and mobIle phone race thIs year. Just recently, It has revealed some good news that any gamer couldn’t resIst not to know of. Sony ErIcson revealed to the medIa that the upcomIng release of theIr XPerIa Play—also known as PlayStatIon Phone—wIll be packed wIth goodIes and freebIes. Two of the most ...

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Super Meat Boy Gets a Super Update

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy fans are In waIt for great substantIve deal as In the mId January contented edItIon of thIs PC Game wIll be useable In the market. The tIdIng advertIsements called It “Super Meat World”. As the elaborated lIst of games InstructIon provIded by the game’s team: -WhIle playIng the games, the players are capable of producIng any thIng ...

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