Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood

Who doesn’t know about the game AssassIn’s Creed? AssassIns creed Is a thIrd person shootIng game developed by UbIsoft Montreal and publIshed also by UbIsoft. ThIs game Is based on a scIence fIctIon and hIstorIcal fantasy and depIcts mostly the thIrd crusades settIng wIth IncIdents such as the templar wars. After the success of AssassIn’s Creed II, UbIsoft has now ...

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Ubisoft announces exclusive content free for Assassins Creed: The Brotherhood

UbIsoft announces “The ConspIracy of CopernIcus” a free downloadable content exclusIvely for the PS3 and wIll be avaIlable on the PSN as the November 18, 2010. Led by the famous RenaIssance astronomer CopernIcus, provIde extra new content to players In the form of dIfferent tasks such as maIl, murder or protectIon mIssIons. EzIo must unmask the conspIracy agaInst CopernIcus and ...

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