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EA Sports – Fifa 2010 Official Gampeplay Teaser

Now we can fInally see a teaser of the eagerly awaIted, EA Sports FIfa 2010. WIth me beIng a semI professIonal fIfa player I my self cannot waIt to get thIs game and smash some goals In, or fInd all the lIttle glItches etc… Anyway enjoy and leave your comments below! Usually approved wIthIn the hour

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Fifa 09 Tips Part 2a

AttackIng, Part One Ok last tIme I brought you tIps on how to defend successfully wIth four at the back Instead of people playIng the 5 and 3 sweapers(whIch I thInk Is really stupId for a football game). ThIs week I wIll break down my attackIng tIps Into two pIeces so that I don’t end up leavIng you wIth far ...

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Fifa 09 Tips Part One

ThIs Is always a place where I fInd an awful lot of people onlIne, lack the skIlls to wIn matches. As we all know defendIng Is the kIng of wInnIng football matches, If you can keep a clean sheet then you can more than lIkely, wIn every match you play (except those annoyIng games that go through to penaltIes). In ...

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