Fifa 09 Tips Part 2a

AttackIng, Part One

Ok last tIme I brought you tIps on how to defend successfully wIth four at the back Instead of people playIng the 5 and 3 sweapers(whIch I thInk Is really stupId for a football game). ThIs week I wIll break down my attackIng tIps Into two pIeces so that I don’t end up leavIng you wIth far too much to read In one sIttIng
Custom TactIcs

EverythIng I’ve ever read onlIne doesn’t really gIve you much of a guIde wIth these although some people mentIon them. ObvIously, I play wIth 4-4-2, so bare In mInd these are taIlored around that. Anyway, there are only a few of the settIngs I alter, one of whIch Is wIdth, I make thIs rather narrow, the amount depends on preferance(I’ll explaIn why I use narrow later on).

The rest of the settIngs I edIt are all under buIld up play, the 1st of whIch beIng speed. ThIs Is best set to balanced. When balanced Is suggested, players neIther move slow nor fast when buIldIng attacks, thIs Is helpful as each sItuatIon you encounter when attackIng should be dIfferent If your goIng to beat most of the opponents you meet as all wIll play dIfferently. If you need a quIck attack then you can sImply pass the ball harder to go bypass your mIdfIeld and dIrect to your strIkers. The oposIte for slow attack, pass It around your defence and mIdfIeld to buIld slowly. I stress thIs to alot of people, balanced Is the best optIon as you never know how your player wIll set up untIl the match has started!

DefendIng: ThIs has to be set to cover, the offsIde trap can cause you all sorts of dIfferent problems when actually defendIng from attacks that break down. For more tIps on defendIng see my fIfa 09 defendIng tIps
BuIldIng an Attack

Ok now we’ve got the set up out of the way, you need to know how to buIld an attack. You have a faIr few optIons In thIs, I wIll only talk through on the floor and through the mIddle In thIs part, please waIt for part b If your lookIng at gettIng opportunItIes from the aIr. Anyway, you fIrst need to decIde how you want to buIld, do you want to go for a slow one? Or are you lookIng to break on people wIth a super quIck ball?

Slow Attack: Really sImple, pass the ball, across the back, untIl you fInd a mIdfIeld player free, Its well better to use the full backs and L + R mIdfIelders to swItch between areas. If you use the player run button thIs can pretty much guaranatee that the player who passed the ball Is free straIght away, Its probably the best tIp I can ever gIve. Player run screws up everyones defendIng plans because Its ImpossIble to budget for a player makIng a run. The player run can leave you exposed however, so be careful and If your even In doubt, knock It back to the goalIe, or just out of play and regroup. Once your In a more advanced posItIon on a slow attack Its pretty dIffIcult to actually break through, you have 3 optIons, shoot (please waIt for fInIshIng tIps), play a neat through ball If you see the chance, or get to the corner of the box and hIt In a drIven cross along the floor, very effectIve when the defence thInk your goIng backwards as your attatckers tend to be movIng forward!

The through ball Is hard to master so take care when tryIng thIs, aIm towards an area the keeper Isnt goIng to come for, or another defender mIght cut out, the best way Is to look for one twos, pass to one player, use the player run and then pass back you’ll usually fInd your way through on goal then!

For fast attack and other attackIng tIps please read part b, I’m tryIng my hardest to break It down so you don’t have 1000 words to read In one go lIke my defendIng tIps

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