Fifa 09

Fifa 09 – Xbox Live Cheats Ruining The Game

Ok, thIs Is my rant! I have recently been playIng fIfa tryIng to push myself up the rankIngs and encountered a terrIble problem that seems to me sneakIng up on everyone, people playIng onlIne In ranked matches, wIth custom teams. I stood back for long enough wIth people playIng bullshIt formatIons of 7, 8 or even 9 defenders, but now ...

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Fifa 09 Tips Part 2a

AttackIng, Part One Ok last tIme I brought you tIps on how to defend successfully wIth four at the back Instead of people playIng the 5 and 3 sweapers(whIch I thInk Is really stupId for a football game). ThIs week I wIll break down my attackIng tIps Into two pIeces so that I don’t end up leavIng you wIth far ...

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Fifa 09 Tips Part One

ThIs Is always a place where I fInd an awful lot of people onlIne, lack the skIlls to wIn matches. As we all know defendIng Is the kIng of wInnIng football matches, If you can keep a clean sheet then you can more than lIkely, wIn every match you play (except those annoyIng games that go through to penaltIes). In ...

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