Fifa 09 – Xbox Live Cheats Ruining The Game

Ok, thIs Is my rant! I have recently been playIng fIfa tryIng to push myself up the rankIngs and encountered a terrIble problem that seems to me sneakIng up on everyone, people playIng onlIne In ranked matches, wIth custom teams.

I stood back for long enough wIth people playIng bullshIt formatIons of 7, 8 or even 9 defenders, but now thIs creepIng In, Is an absolute joke! Im stIll on a wInnIng ratIo of around 80% but I’ve lost 8 games thIs week more than I’ve lost In the past 2 months, due to people usIng thIs custom team glItch. The fIrst guy was LIncoln CIty (If you don’t know, there shIt) and theIr startIng 11 was Torres, Gerrard, MessI, MaIcon, IbrahImovIc, Ronaldo and many other stars. At fIrst I just thought FIfa has a small problem an let hIm get on wIth It, but as thIs happened 3 tImes on the bounce, I started to see It. It was a glItch that some sad bastard has found In order to brIng these teams In, so I started to report every player who used It.

I dIdnt encounter anyone then for a few games, untIl I came across one gamer, who Im not scared to name and shame, Jawz E10. ThIs game was startIng well for me wIth hIm penned In hIs own area for the fIrst 30 mInutes or so, even though he had thIs shItty dream team thIng. Then the mInute he got control of the ball he paused, It was then I would encounter the shIttest and lowest thIng on the game, he used a custom formatIon of 8 – 1 -1! ThIs really pIssed me off, not only has he chose to cheat but he’s also cheap wIth bullshIt formatIons that are so borIng Its unreal. I eventually lose the game 1-0 It extra tIme and I sat back and thought, that guy Is so shIt that he has to cheat and pack the defence as much as possIble.

ThIs has really started to get up my nose as you can tell, so thIs Is my way of tellIng the publIc about thIs, and hopefully someone wIll pass thIs onto EA for them to ImmedIetly patch and fuck off all those people who spent tIme doIng thIs redIculous glItch.

I also want you to name and shame here In my comments, any user you fInd usIng thIs cheat In ranked matches, anyone who has pIctures/proof please comment and I wIll ask for them In emaIl, we can help stamp all these IdIots out together. The kIds who chat shIt, the people who thInk there cool because they cheat, all those people that totally devalue the fee we pay xbox each month for playIng onlIne!

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  1. I ran across this yesterday but the were Nice, France – Rooney, Torres, Gerrald, Henry etc. I thought something was weird with all these studs playing in France lol

  2. tobby108810 or something had the real madrid team with all the new signings still ceat tho cos fifa havnt updated it i played a gainst 2 others with dream team glitch they played as roma and some mexican team

  3. I think the game was not bad.

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