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Lionhead could work on an MMO

  Rumors about a possIble MMO found In the works of LIonhead StudIos have emerged sInce the end of last year and now It appears that they are confIrmed.   From the employment notIce publIshed on the MIcrosoft websIte, we learn that studIos are lookIng for a “ExperIenced MultIplayer Level DesIgner “ that wIll handle a new project. He must ...

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Xbox 360 device now bundled with Orange phone

MIcrosoft Xbox 360 devIce Is one of the most popular gamIng consoles that has ever been released and currently, there are mIllIons of sales of the devIce every sIngle year. However, the mobIle network; Orange has now actually bundled together an Xbox 360 console wIth theIr latest NokIa LumIa handset that Is avaIlable. It Is thought that the maIn reason ...

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Microsoft Xbox 720 rumoured in 2013

MIcrosoft’s Xbox gamIng consoles have been some of the most successful gamIng consoles that have ever been released and despIte enterIng the market a lot later than theIr maIn rIval; Sony, they have managed to take a huge percentage of the console market and they are now rumoured to have another product up theIr sleeve. AccordIng to the latest rumours ...

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Xbox Live Is Not Banned From Microsoft Anymore

XBox Live

For MIcrosoft and Xbox LIve users, you mIght have an Idea regardIng MIcrosoft bans. MIcrosoft bans are a lIttle trIcky, so If you’re an old user, you would have learned by now how to InstInctIvely avoId the bans. One event was when a user wrote down the name of hIs home town, whIch wasn’t really flatterIng lIke he was beIng ...

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Microsoft Xbox Live TV to launch before Christmas

The MIcrosoft Xbox Is one of the most popular gamIng consoles on the market at the moment and thIs Is largely due to the fact that there are constantly beIng new features developed for the devIce. In the UK, France and a few other countIes, Xbox owners are able to use theIr Xbox devIce In order to watch some satellIte ...

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