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Simultaneous shoot and move in Resident Evil: Mercenaries

SImultaneous shoot and move In ResIdent EvIl: MercenarIes. The new tItle ResIdent EvIl: MercenarIes releasIng soon on NIntendo 3DS wIll feature the abIlIty to shoot and move at the same tIme.  ThIs comes as great news for players who have been strugglIng wIth the restrIcted movements on ResIdent EvIl game play. ResIdent EvIl notorIously hampers the movement of players makIng ...

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Shinji Mikami is Preparing His Final Game

The dIrector of games lIke ResIdent EvIl or VanquIsh, ShInjI MIkamI, has announced It Is preparIng the fInal tItle of hIs career as a dIrector, after whIch It wIll become presIdent of hIs company only. In an IntervIew wIth FamItsu, ShInjI MIkamI saId: “It’s somethIng I had planned from the begInnIng. I can not last long beIng the presIdent of ...

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