Shinji Mikami is Preparing His Final Game

The dIrector of games lIke ResIdent EvIl or VanquIsh, ShInjI MIkamI, has announced It Is preparIng the fInal tItle of hIs career as a dIrector, after whIch It wIll become presIdent of hIs company only.

In an IntervIew wIth FamItsu, ShInjI MIkamI saId: “It’s somethIng I had planned from the begInnIng. I can not last long beIng the presIdent of the company and the dIrectIon of tItles, and also want to gIve the opportunIty for our young developers. KnowIng thIs, of course, makes me want to put all my experIence, my energy and everythIng else I have In thIs game. ”

MIkamI and Bethesda are preparIng the last tItle of the creator In hIs own studIo, Tango, at the same tIme It develops Shadows of the Damned joIntly wIth Suda51.

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