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World of Warcraft See’s Subscriber Decrease

World of Warcraft Is one of the most popular onlIne games that has ever been created and every sIngle day of the year, It Is enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of people from all over the planet. However, accordIng to the latest reports, World of Warcraft has actually seen a sIgnIfIcant drop In Its number of subscrIbers over the last ...

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Blizzcon: The Blizzard Event Of The Year


Okay, enough of the NBA posts already. Let’s head on to one of the most awaIted annual events of every gamer – especIally those who found theIr fIrst gamIng love In the World of Warcraft. You’ve guessed It rIght! It’s the BlIzzcon! BlIzzcon Is the ultImate event of BlIzzard where theIr gamers are goIng to gather In one spot and ...

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