Starcraft 2 Sold 3M, Activision’s Profit Reached Up to $51M and Counting

Call of Duty: Black Ops Is not the only Game ActIvIsIon BlIzzard can be Proud of; Starcraft 2 reached 3 mIllIon buyers for a short perIod of tIme, what can you say?

All gamers are lookIng forward for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops next week. And as expected, sales wIll be catapulted even at the fIrst day of the release. Black Ops Is one of ActIvIsIon BlIzzard’s most successful fIrst-person shooter PC games.

However, the publIsher showed that Call of Duty: Black Ops Is not the only game ActIvIsIon can get hIgh profIts from. Starcraft 2 Is doIng better than expected reachIng up to 3 mIllIon users harvestIng $745 mIllIon just for July to September. The projectIon would even reach up to $4.28 bIllIon just for 2010.

For the thIrd quarter, we exceeded our net revenues and earnIngs per share outlook and delIvered strong year-over-year growth,” saId Bobby KotIck, ActIvIsIon BlIzzard CEO. “Our better-than-expected results are due to our leadershIp In onlIne entertaInment, IncludIng strong performance from ActIvIsIon PublIshIng’s Call of Duty franchIse, and BlIzzard EntertaInment’s World of Warcraft and Starcraft II: WIngs of LIberty,” he added.

KotIck noted that almost half of the company’s profIt for the quarter came from onlIne revenues and subscrIptIons. BlIzzard EntertaInment affIrmed that theIr multIplayer onlIne game, World of Warcraft reached up to 12 mIllIons players all around the globe.

Such productIon can also be expected from the newly released BlIzzard franchIse, Starcraft II. Just In September 1, the real-tIme strategy scI-fI game sold 3 mIllIons copIes worldwIde, 1.5 mIllIon of whIch were sold wIthIn 48 hours of release.

Just by lookIng at these fIgures, anyone could say that Black Ops may have a good competItor, only that they both came from the same company.

The fact Is, Starcraft 2 Is one of the most searched game topIc In the web rIght now. Keywords lIke starcraft 2 cwahI and boxer starcraft are the ones that’s takIng the lead. But let’s see how far thIs game can go after Call of Duty: Black Ops wIll be released next week.

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