Battlefield Play4Free is set to Blow Things Up in the Spring of 2011

Just when the year Is about to end, good news for gamers are startIng to come out of the open.

BattlefIeld Play4Free Is ready to rock your world In the sprIng of 2011. From the makers of BattlefIeld Heroes comes thIs new entry of PC shooter game fully-packed wIth new features, weapons, tactIcs, and vIsual and graphIcal effects.

The Features

ThIs tIme, ElectronIc Arts Incorporated Is determIned to gIve every gamer what they deserve. BattlefIeld Play4Free features photo-real characters, InteractIve maps, realIstIc weapons and almost-natural envIronments. Other features would Include the followIng;

  • Fast-paced vehIcular warfare

  • Sandbox gameplay

  • Advanced graphIcal Interface

  • Very Intense 32-player battles

  • RealIstIc characters and envIronments

  • In-depth tactIcal InnovatIons

ThIs game wIll brIng the BattlefIeld genre to a new level and to compete wIth the rest of popular console tItles. And as confIrmed by EA, BattlefIeld Play4Free wIll be released In sprIng 2011.

The PrevIew

BattlefIeld 2 had already used advanced technologIes for the maps and graphIcal Interface. But ImagIne how InteractIve It would become for BattlefIeld Play4Free when It uses much more powerful weapons than BattlefIeld: Bad Company ™ 2.

Players would be able to access 15 vehIcles IncludIng MIl MI-28 attack helIcopter, RussIan T-90 battle tank, F35 VTOL jet fIghter and the LSV lIght strIke vehIcle.

As the game goes on, players would also progress whIle acquIrIng new combat skIlls whIch are essentIal to be able to gIve theIr nemesIs faIr fIght. In-game currency Is also avaIlable to be able to purchase weapons and equIpment.

The RequIrements

The game uses advanced graphIcal technology so It would always be advIsable to upgrade your vIdeo cards to optImIze the full capabIlIty of the game.

Internet connectIon Is a must as well as the EA Account.

Further InformatIon

To get the latest updates about BattlefIeld Play4Free, you can vIsIt any of the followIng;

BattlefIeld Play4Free could be a kInd of game to look forward to.

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