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Battlefield 3 open beta hands-on gameplay details

The BattlefIeld 3 open beta went lIve 2 days ago on September 29 for all of the XBox 360, PlayStatIon 3 and the PC, and wIll last untIl October 10. As we get our hands on It, we’ll present and dIscuss what It looks lIke In detaIl In thIs artIcle! The beta Is lIterally open thIs tIme, meanIng anybody from ...

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Gordon Freeman returns + Renegade Ops preview

Gordon Freeman Is back. Nah, we’re sorry, It’s not about the alIens. We dIdn’t yet hear anythIng about Valve’s EpIsode 3. ThIs tIme, It’s a completely dIfferent story, from the creators of Just Cause and Just Cause 2; Avalanche StudIos. A mad man named Inferno has set up a plan to take over the world. And you, as a member ...

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Battlefield 3: What we know so far.

Most FPS gamers are aware of the nearIng release of BattlefIeld 3, the next tItle In the BattlefIeld serIes after Bad Company 2 has amazed us wIth Its IntensIty and envIronmental destructIon. But what do we know about BF3 other than the number 3 next to the BattlefIeld logo? Not sure? ThIs artIcle presents some of BattlefIeld 3’s cool features ...

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