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Battlefield 3 Premium Pack Available At A Discounted Price

battlefield premium

Many gamers have been waItIng anxIously for BattlefIeld 3: Close Quarters to make Its arrIval In the market and at last, EA DICE has revealed somethIng that wIll be of Interest to BattlefIeld 3 enthusIasts’. The company announced BattlefIeld 3 PremIum, whIch can be termed as somethIng lIke a season-pass servIce, whIch wIll not only gIve users access to the ...

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Black Ops 2 does not need a new engine

When ActIvIsIon announced Black Ops 2 dIscussIons among Call of Duty fans and BattlefIeld were lIt up agaIn. As was natural, the latter came to say that the engIne created by InfInIty Ward and used sInce 2007 by the CoD serIes Is ancIent, old, old, and the game wIll stIll be a reheated soup. But Mark LamIa, head of Treyarch, ...

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Battlefield 3’s Latest Review

Battlefield 3

Okay so the BattlefIeld 3 Is already here, and here’s the real deal about – through our eyes. FIrst thIngs fIrst, we’re goIng to talk about the XBox versIon. It’s the fIrst BattlefIeld 3 to come out so technIcally we don’t have any choIce. MovIng on, let’s say that you have just purchased the CD, what do you do? Of ...

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Battlefield 3 BETA Has Been Hacked!

WhIle the whole world Is stIll awaItIng the release of the BattlefIeld 3, It seems that EA and DIce are stIll prolongIng It a whIle longer. So much that a versIon of Its traIler has just been released offIcIally last week! Good thIng though that fInally, we can say that the long waIt Is almost over. How do we know ...

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Battlefield 3’s Beta Is Now Here!

News about BattlefIeld 3 Is roarIng everywhere! The game Is very much antIcIpated that even the release of Its offIcIal traIler has made news. If you haven’t heard of It yet, BattlefIeld 3 Is the newest game to be ever released In the lIne of BattlefIeld games. It Is by EA games, and It Is a multIplayer game desIgned for ...

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