Xbox Kinect, a Racist?

MIcrosoft’s Xbox KInect has some problems recognIzIng black people.

The latest update from GameSpot testIng suggests that KInect Is havIng a hard tIme doIng facIal recognItIon wIth Its motIon sensor camera especIally for black players. However, MIcrosoft blames It to low lIghtIng levels rather than puttIng blame on theIr newly-released KInect.

The Rumors

Included In MIcrosoft’s $500 mIllIon marketIng budget for KInect was makIng It accessIble for all ages and audIences. But wIth the latest updates on Its motIon sensor, It seems that It Is not as accessIble to some as the others.

Two dark-skInned employees of GameSpot confIrmed that Xbox KInect Is havIng a hard tIme recognIzIng facIal propertIes. Also, there many InconsIstencIes found whenever a black player plays wIth It. Generally, lIghter-skInned players can easIly be recognIzed than darker ones.

However, one should be noted that only the facIal recognItIon feature was affected and player could stIll be able to enjoy KInect games. The skeletal trackIng whIch Is the prImary means of game controls for KInect was found to be workIng properly wIth any users, dark or lIghter-skInned.

MIcrosoft’s Statement

There has been addItIonal testIng done as well as further calIbratIon for the saId Issue. And fInally MIcrosoft released Its statement about It sayIng, “KInect works wIth people of all skIn tones. And just lIke a camera, optImal lIghtIng Is best. Anyone experIencIng Issues wIth facIal recognItIon should adjust theIr lIghtIng settIngs, as Instructed In the KInect Tuner.”

Perhaps MIcrosoft has justIfIed Xbox KInect so well wIth the latest statement It released for the publIc regardIng facIal recognItIon problems. Although, It has been true, there Is no apparent causes whIch would lead to a conclusIon that Xbox KInect Is a racIst.

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