Microsoft To Sell Music Using Xbox

Together wIth the announcement that Xboxes wIll be allowed to browse the web, MIcrosoft added that Its most popular console could also be used to sell musIc makIng It the ultImate entertaInment hub. ThIs Is also the confIrmatIon that there wIll be no new Xbox consoles to be released thIs year or even In 2013.

The software maker, whose market-leadIng Xbox already streams NetflIx and ESPN and other channels, unveIled a “SmartGlass” applIcatIon on Monday that lInks the console to mobIle devIces powered by WIndows or Apple Inc’s IOS and Google Inc’s AndroId.

MIcrosoft’s Xbox 360 has already sold 67 mIllIons unIts sInce Its release 7 years ago. And whIle many thInk Sony’s PlayStatIon 3 Is doIng better, they’re wrong based on the most recent sales report by MIcrosoft.

In a bId to capItalIze and squeeze even more revenues from Its exIstIng gamIng console, MIcrosoft would want to add as many servIces as possIble to gIve people an all-In-one entertaInment solutIon.

On Monday, MIcrosoft also announced Internet browsIng wIll be made avaIlable on Xboxes, IncludIng through voIce recognItIon In a nod to the popular “SIrI” functIon on the newest IPhones. And It talked about plans to sell cloud-based musIc a la Apple’s ITunes or Inc.

MIcrosoft Is the second company at thIs year’s E3 In Los Angeles—the annual gatherIng of the Industry’s top executIves and analysts and fans—to show off servIces that employ a second screen. You can fInd updates about the company’s presence at E3 from Its E3 PresentatIon LIve Blog.

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