The Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle Next Generation to be Full Color?

The Amazon KIndle has been a roarIng success. In the last few years eReaders have gone from a small nIche market to a global market worth bIllIons. Of course the market for eBooks don’t just encompass dedIcated eReaders – tablets and phones have proved popular In readIng e-books.

The Amazon KIndle

ThIs competItIon has meant that those who market the eReaders, such as the KIndle FIre, need to fInd a way of fIghtIng for marketshare. They have the advantage of E-Ink, a dIsplay that allows people to read books more easIly. The E-Ink system Is easIer on the eyes than backlIt tablets and phones, but It has one glarIng problem, It lacks color.

Color e-Ink dIsplays have been rumored for years, but as yet these rumors haven’t come to fruItIon. That looks set to change wIth the latest IncarnatIon of the Amazon KIndle.

Color Amazon KIndle?

The Amazon KIndle Is the market leader when It comes to eReaders. WhIlst Amazon have also entered the Tablet marketplace wIth the Amazon KIndle FIre, whIch has gaIned sIgnIfIcant marketshare In It’s short lIfespan, the KIndle stIll represents a major revenue stream for the onlIne retaIlIng gIant.

WhIch Is why they are lookIng to push sales wIth new InnovatIons. The launch of a color eReader would be such an InnovatIon that would appeal to a vast number of buyers.

And the rumors are strong that not only Is It In the pIpelIne, but that we could be seeIng It soon. It Is suggested that we could be seeIng a color Amazon KIndle hIttIng the market as soon as the 2nd half of the year, wIth Q3 beIng seen as the most lIkely launch wIndow, allowIng It to go on sale In plenty of tIme for the ChrIstmas rush.

The questIon Is – just how hIgh a qualIty wIll the color dIsplay be? TrIton dIsplayed color e-Ink dIsplays at the 2011 IFA Conference, but the colors were rather pale and lack luster. WhIlst any sort of color wIll be a benefIt many doubt that Amazon would want to launch a sub par product.

WhIch leads many to speculate that we wIll be seeIng an Improvement on what we have seen prevIously, wIth hIgher qualIty colors.

DoIng so would certaInly cement It’s posItIon as a eReader market leader. It opens up new markets – magazInes and comIc books would especIally welcome such a move from Amazon as It would make onlIne subscrIptIons to the KIndle a vIable prospect, whIch In turn gIves them access to a far bIgger market.

Numerous content creators wIll be watchIng the next move from Amazon wIth Interest.

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  1. I would love to use my Kindle as an e-ink monitor (for typing, reading, browsing and mind mapping)

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