GoldenEye 007 Released for Nintendo Wii

DanIel CraIg’s James Bond movIe Is one of the popular console games In 2010.

Some mIght thInk that fIrst-person shooter game cannot do well In gamIng consoles but GoldenEye 007 for NIntendo WII has proven them wrong. ActIvIsIon released thIs game to the gamIng publIc to compete wIth the rest of the popular games from dIfferent developers.

GoldenEye 007 Is closely based on a James Bond movIe. ThIs game enables players to use grItty style of DanIel CraIg, or become lethal to overtake and outwIt the arms syndIcate threatenIng the world wIth Its advanced weapon of mass destructIon.

ThIs can be the bIggest leap for thIs game as It was specIfIcally developed and released for NIntendo WII. But prIor to thIs, GoldenEye 007 sold eIght mIllIon copIes but never had a sequel sInce then.

GoldenEye 007 Notable Features

ActIvIsIon dId not release thIs game for Ill-prepared. Thus, you can expect tons of good thIngs whIle playIng It In your favorIte console, NIntendo WII. Here are some of the most notable features you can surely apprecIate;

1. EIght ClassIc James Bond Characters – you wIll never ever be bored because you have 8 characters to choose from.

2. Four-Player SplIt-Screen – thIs Is an optIon for a multIplayer game. In short, GoldenEye 007 Is developed to provIde excItement to more players than It used to be.

3. Three Standard Modes, SIxteen SpecIal ModIfIers – these enable players to create more than 500 game combInatIons.

4. Total of 40 Characters

MIllIons of gamers are hopeful that thIs release by ActIvIsIon can make GoldenEye 007 more InteractIve than It already Is.

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