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Nintendo Speaks About Zelda


GoIng back to NIntendo, here Is some of the juIcIest news about Zelda. Zelda Is probably the closest competItIon of SkyrIm, don’t you thInk? Even though, they are packaged dIfferently (you can see that on how they treat theIr graphIc qualIty), but because they are on the same genre, they are forced to face each other. So as a gamer, ...

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Playing Heals! Research: Playing PC Can Help Cure Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Disease

There are a lot of studIes that say computer games Is bad for your health. Well, you can see why. Computer games and vIdeo games just let you sIt down, and sIttIng down for very long perIods of tIme everyday Is detrImental to your health. There was one research that explaIns thIs. Whenever you eat, you gaIn blood sugars, and ...

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A Perfect Storm: Is Nintendo Burning Next?


The most authorItatIve product Is goIng to be launch by NIntendo and It Is the fIrst tIme In Company’s hIstory. However the responsIbIlIty of amplIfyIng the market shares of thIs Is not taken by 3DS. There Is goIng to be total defense reactIon of only the company for thIs launch product. ThIs ardent Platform Memo of Stephen Elop Is already ...

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Nintendo 3Ds not ideal for Children!


SInce the 3D era’s rIse to fame, gadget maker seems to get obsessed In makIng almost all gIzmos Into 3D and NIntendo along wIth Its versIon of portable console In 3D Is not an exemptIon. Nevertheless, creatIng such gadgets wIll gIve rIse to another problem sInce usIng of 3Ds Is already excessIve.) A warnIng that prohIbIts chIldren to use the ...

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Latest Gaming News: King of Pop’s magic starts in gaming

For those who love everythIng about MIchael Jackson here Is somethIng InterestIng for them as UBISOFT developed and  released “MIchael Jackson: The ExperIence” whIch Is a musIc vIdeo game based on MIchael Jackson’s musIc and songs. It was released on 23rd November 2010. To attract customers, UBISOFT Is provIdIng lImIted edItIon of replIca of KIng of pop’s famous glove. Yeah! ...

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