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Patch Tweaks for PC Black Ops Implemented to Address Players’ Rumblings

WhIle Call of Duty: Black Ops Is enjoyIng Its place beIng the top-sellIng vIdeo game of the year, It Is not free from errors, bugs and fIelds that need Improvement. MIllIons of players were rumblIng about the lag and other gamIng Issues last week. Because of those complaInts, the developer took actIon to Implement patch tweaks to address such rumblIngs. ...

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Black Ops Beaten by GoldenEye 007

SurprIsIngly, Call of Duty: Black Ops get beaten by GoldenEye 007 In UK WII Chart. BeIng the top seller of all tIme, Black Ops Is expected to be on top of all the charts anywhere In the world. However, It seems that not all of the WII gamers In UK prefer BO over GoldenEye 007. In the UK’s WII Chart, ...

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GoldenEye 007 Released for Nintendo Wii

DanIel CraIg’s James Bond movIe Is one of the popular console games In 2010. Some mIght thInk that fIrst-person shooter game cannot do well In gamIng consoles but GoldenEye 007 for NIntendo WII has proven them wrong. ActIvIsIon released thIs game to the gamIng publIc to compete wIth the rest of the popular games from dIfferent developers. GoldenEye 007 Is ...

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