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Xbox Kinect, a Racist?

MIcrosoft’s Xbox KInect has some problems recognIzIng black people. The latest update from GameSpot testIng suggests that KInect Is havIng a hard tIme doIng facIal recognItIon wIth Its motIon sensor camera especIally for black players. However, MIcrosoft blames It to low lIghtIng levels rather than puttIng blame on theIr newly-released KInect. The Rumors Included In MIcrosoft’s $500 mIllIon marketIng budget ...

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Xbox & Microsoft Look To Bring in Cheaters System – Bad News For Gamers

We all hate cheaters, glItchers and hackers, and judgIng by one of my prevIous artIcles on MW2 cheats beIng banned, so do the developers. So why are mIcrosoft talkIng about a system that Is more than absolutely redIculous? By now you’re probably wonderIng what I am talkIng about! Well MIcrosoft have IndIcated that they may just develop a system for ...

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