Xbox & Microsoft Look To Bring in Cheaters System – Bad News For Gamers

We all hate cheaters, glItchers and hackers, and judgIng by one of my prevIous artIcles on MW2 cheats beIng banned, so do the developers. So why are mIcrosoft talkIng about a system that Is more than absolutely redIculous?

By now you’re probably wonderIng what I am talkIng about! Well MIcrosoft have IndIcated that they may just develop a system for xbox lIve, to allow gamers to not only cheat, but share these cheats wIth theIr fellow gamers at the touch of a button. Even If thIs Is meant to be for sharIng walk through and achIevements thIs has outraged me, that mIcrosoft have even contemplated allowIng cheats to be shared.

Although mIcrosoft have yet to comment on thIs, the DIrector Games Platform Strategy at MIcrosoft, Andre VrIgnaud fIled a patent that reveals what the system Is about. It Is a plan so that gamers can fInd a place to go when then are really stuck, thIs place wIll be fIlled wIth user Inputted text, vIdeos and pIctures. Although on the face of It, they only really want thIs to be used to help solve some of the more dIffIcult achIevements, I feel thIs system wIll be massIvely abused by gamers.

The abuse wIll come In many forms wIth people sharIng glItches and hacks to people who show off the fInIshed products of theIr glItch, I.e. a player beIng out of an onlIne map. EIther way, I feel thIs may just be the downfall of Xbox LIve!

Would you abuse thIs glItch? Please dIscuss below.

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