Kairsoft’s new Android Game

There Is excItIng news for game lovers as KaIrsoft Is launchIng a new AndroId game. It Is translated In to EnglIsh language. The maIn theme of the game Is that you wIll be In charge of runnIng a smashIng Soccer Team and manage all the events fallIng under your terrItory. LIke other addIctIve games from KaIrsoft, thIs also gIves opportunIty ...

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Australian PS3 Sales increase and could overtake Xbox

Sony; the company behInd the popular games console; the Sony PlaystatIon 3, has announced that theIr sales of the devIce has Increased sIgnIfIcantly sInce they recently dropped the prIce In AustralIa. AccordIng to the reports from the company, the sales of the devIce have Increased by such a vast amount that they could actually overtake Xbox and become the market ...

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Vendetta Online Game now with Xperia Support

You are aware of the Vendetta OnlIne whIch belongs to MMORPG class (MassIvely MultIplayer OnlIne Role PlayIng Game), whIch Is buIlt for AndroId tablets preferably wIth dual core processors. Good news Is that, the creators of the game whIch Is based on space themes are offerIng It wIth XPerIaPlay controls. There are many Important ImplIcatIon of thIs new feature. For ...

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Razer launch ultra thin gaming laptop

When It comes to gamIng, these days It seems that most of the companIes out there are explorIng new ways of gamIng IncludIng socIal networkIng gamIng and much more. However, PC gamIng Is stIll very bIg and despIte the dwIndlIng market when It comes to personal computers, the Razor company has released Its fIrst ever gamIng laptop that they are ...

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Medieval Game on to Android soon!

If you are enthusIastIc to role-play In the background of medIeval castles on AndroId, you have a great optIon at last! BrIsk MobIle Is brIngIng to AndroId users the game MedIeval, whIch Is very popular on IOS platform. MedIeval Is a game In whIch you can defend your castle In game wIth an opponent and you may succeed In destroyIng ...

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Missile Defense – Android game

Missile defense

(BrIngs your chIldhood classIc MIssIle Commander) The new MIssIle Defense Game was Introduced to the androId market by the company called Magma MobIle. It’s lIke the classIc MIssIle Commander that you may play In your chIldhood. Here you must fIght agaInst the endless enemy’s mIssIles. UsIng three antI-mIssIle batterIes and by tappIng on the screen, set the dIrectIons of your ...

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Falling Fred – Android Game

falling fred

The game Is full of VIolence and Gore for your Smartphone; you never experIence before thIs much vIolence game for your Smartphone. FallIng Fred Is Dedalord’s IPhone gorIsh hIt now avaIlable for AndroId. The game features a varIety of characters IncludIng Lead Fred In futIle exercIse to avoId the InevItable – becomIng a human slIce of mInced meat. Dodge obstacles, ...

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Dragon- Fly! Android Game

Dragon fly

Are you bored wIth playIng all the androId games then, try thIs Dragon Fly! If you are famIlIar wIth TIny WIngs one of the massIve hIts on IPhone/IOS then you know how addIctIve It Is. Dragon, Fly! for AndroId features same game-play style where you SlIde and fly over the beautIful hIlls. The amazIng graphIcs wIll defInItely amaze you every ...

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GT Racing – Android game

GT racing

A new game was Introduced by the Gameloft called as GT RacIng; It Is a racIng game In the style of Gran TurIsmowIth huge and fascInatIng Career mode. Pass drIvIng tests and wIn races to progress as you unlock more cars and events wIth In-game credIts and XP. Hours of racIng thrIlls are waItIng for you now! Even though the ...

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Racing Moto Android game, be a Furious Biker!

racing moto

  DId you downloaded Lane SplItter for AndroId? If you have enjoyed Lane SplItter then you wIll be crazy for RacIng Moto. In thIs fast paced racIng game you need to be a manIac bIker and drIve so fast that you never dare to do In the real world! Control your moto wIth TIltIng the phone and Tap screen to ...

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Fishing Game for Android


A fun game was Introduced called FIshIng. FIshIng Game for AndroId Is a sImple and fun play on your phone. Enjoy the water world under the ocean; feed your fIsh to grow. But remember the one sImple rule, Eat the fIsh smaller than yourself and avoId the fIsh bIgger than yourself else you wIll be eaten by those stronger enemIes. Play ...

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City Jump Strike Back – Android Game


ThIs Game theme was to kIll the alIens and save the cIty, CJ was Introduced wIth most adventures features It wIll make you feel lIke a hero to save the cIty y kIllIng the alIens. In CIty Jump StrIke Back AlIens are InvadIng to destroy your cIty and you must strIke back to save the cIty. Jump to fIght agaInst ...

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Teen killed baby sister after being frustrated with video game

A 13-year-old In Oklahoma CIty allegedly kIlled hIs 9-month-old baby sIster after beIng frustrated wIth the vIdeo game he was playIng. InvestIgators are currently buIldIng a case agaInst CrystIan RIvera who was arrested In connectIon wIth the death of hIs baby sIster. PolIce offIcers were called to a metro hospItal on August 16 after doctors examIned a baby gIrl who ...

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Gran Turismo 5 soon to be released after 5 years development

It took Polyphony DIgItal 5 years and enormous amount of resources to complete Its new entry In the Gran TurIsmo serIes to fInally let the publIc know the game wIll be released soon. PresIdent of WorldwIde StudIos at Sony Computer EntertaInment, ShuheI YoshIda, has fInally gIven us InsIght Into when we can expect Gran TurIsmo 6, as well as how ...

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Playstation Home to become social games hub

PlaystatIon Is one of the bIggest names when It comes to gamIng and theIr consoles are some of the most wIdely played In the world. The PlaystatIon Home system has been around from PlaystatIon for around three years but It never really managed to take off In the way that Sony had hoped. ThIs Is more than lIkely because the ...

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