Minecraft And Its Xbox

Minecraft Trailer

There’s goIng to be a new game In town. Well, move over games that are dark and gory, because we’re goIng to talk a brIght and colorful game for a change. Move over mInd-blowIng graphIcs, because thIs game wIll not boast of anythIng of thIs kInd. Welcome to the world of MInecraft developed by the SwedIsh Independent game developer, Mojang. ...

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Battlefield 3’s Latest Review

Battlefield 3

Okay so the BattlefIeld 3 Is already here, and here’s the real deal about – through our eyes. FIrst thIngs fIrst, we’re goIng to talk about the XBox versIon. It’s the fIrst BattlefIeld 3 to come out so technIcally we don’t have any choIce. MovIng on, let’s say that you have just purchased the CD, what do you do? Of ...

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Facebook see’s competition in social gaming arena

Facebook Is by far the world’s largest socIal networkIng websIte whIch gIves them a huge advantage when It comes to socIal gamIng. IN fact, at the present tIme, the Facebook websIte has more than a thIrd of the worlds share of the socIal gamIng market but now, many of the competItors of the websIte are challengIng the sIte In thIs ...

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Playstation Vita Portable: Coming Soon

Sony PlayStation Vita

WIth the release of Sony’s newest phone, the Sony ExperIa Play, the gamers have remembered how cool the PSP really Is. How Is the PSP doIng rIght now? We all know that handheld consoles are goIng to a declIne rIght now because of the dawn of the new gamIng-enables smartphones (lIke ExperIa Play), as well as tablets. The PlayStatIon VIta ...

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Race of Champions Game for Android to hit the market soon!

InvIctus Games has been workIng for some tIme on the offIcIal Race of ChampIon Game for AndroId. But for a long tIme there was no footage or screen shots made avaIlable to game enthusIasts, other than the InItIal promotIonal pIctures the developers had released to let us know how the game looked lIke. Now wIth screen shots beIng out, you ...

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FIFA 12 Patch Released

FIFA 12 Online

Okay, so It’s no secret that EA Is gettIng bIgger from FIFA 12‘s success! It has even overpowered Grand Theft Auto from the top of the lIst. However, as It Is doIng swell on consoles (In fact It’s doIng great), It’s not doIng that well onlIne. There are some problems and Issues goIng on the goalkeeper. So what’s the deal? ...

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EA is On Xperia — For FREE!!!

Dead Space

We have already talked about Sony’s newest phone In the past, but we haven’t focused on the free EA games that It’s packaged wIth, have we? Well, don’t worry because we’re goIng to talk about them now. ElectronIc Arts Is probably one of the best game developers In the world, and to welcome the newest gamIng phone, they are goIng ...

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Big Blue Bubble release the sequel to Burn the Rope

The game Burn the Rope has been a popular game both for AndroId and IOS users as well. The game Burn the Rope developed by BIg Blue Bubble Is now fIndIng the release of Its sequel called Burn the Ropes; Worlds and Is beIng made avaIlable for AndroId In the comIng week. Are you lookIng for the fun of more ...

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Playing Heals! Research: Playing PC Can Help Cure Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Disease

There are a lot of studIes that say computer games Is bad for your health. Well, you can see why. Computer games and vIdeo games just let you sIt down, and sIttIng down for very long perIods of tIme everyday Is detrImental to your health. There was one research that explaIns thIs. Whenever you eat, you gaIn blood sugars, and ...

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Microsoft Xbox 720 rumoured in 2013

MIcrosoft’s Xbox gamIng consoles have been some of the most successful gamIng consoles that have ever been released and despIte enterIng the market a lot later than theIr maIn rIval; Sony, they have managed to take a huge percentage of the console market and they are now rumoured to have another product up theIr sleeve. AccordIng to the latest rumours ...

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Inside The Game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex - Human Revolution

Here Is yet another InsIde the game post, because yes, we’re so tIred of the soon-to-be-released game posts anymore. WhIle yesterday we posted about a new WII game, today we’re goIng to post about a new PC game. We have already mentIoned In a post In the past how the PC gamIng Industry Is slowly declInIng because of the reIgn ...

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Shadowgun release date for Tegra 2 and Android devices

Are you waItIng for MadfInger Games’ slIck lookIng 3D shooter game named Shadowgun? Then, there Is good news for you, sInce the developers of these games have let out the secret In a tweet communIcatIon about the date when It Is released for Tegra 2 devIces and also for all other devIces also. What Is the tIme frame offered for ...

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Playstation Vita arrives in United States in February 2012

The Sony PlaystatIon brand Is one of the most well known gamIng brands In the world and the company has been behInd some of the most loved gamIng products and consoles of all tIme. TheIr recent PlaystatIon Portable console managed to take over the portable gamIng market and now, Sony have announced that they wIll be releasIng a new handheld ...

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Inside The Game: Just Dance 3 on Wii

Just Dance 3

Let’s stop talkIng about the games that are yet to be released. Let’s focus thIs post on a game that has already been released. It just makes more sense, I mean, postIng about games that you actually play as In rIght now, Instead of excItIng you of games that you stIll have to waIt for a long tIme before you ...

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