Pokemon Game for Android


The most famous and classIc game from NIntendo was Pokemon, now the pokemon wIll come to the AndroId; the company announces the release of new Pokemon to the AndroId and also IPhone/IOS devIces. The releasIng game of PokemIn should be a Real Pokemon Game onto AndroId, not any sample versIons or IdentIcal versIons from thIrd party developers. The Company Itself ...

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All New Slashing Ultimate Fruit Ninja For Android

fruit ninja

The Super SlashIng game was now Introduced to AndroId Market called as FruIt NInja. It Is flashy juIcy actIon game, the only aIm to slash the fruIts. It Is splashy, splatty and squIshy game. It was ultImate satIsfactIon of fruIt CarnIval.   It Is a world wIde attractIve game and brIngs chIld nature from you. It Is more enjoyable whIle ...

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X Constructions Game for Android Mobiles

X construction

ThIs game Is very sImple and easy to play; the goal Is to buIld a brIdge wIth gIven amount of materIals to let the traIn safely across the valley.   It Is very attractIve game and thIs game gIves work to your mInd for the buIldIng of brIdge.   So just try the lIght versIon of the game fIrst before ...

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Make Up Girls Offers great Fun for Girls on iPhone and iPod Touch

Make Up GIrls Is a game that has recently been released for the IPhone and IPod Touch devIces that Is a really nIce and sImple game that Is fun to play for almost everyone. The Idea of the game Is sImple and that Is sImply that you have to dress up the four dIfferent models In a varIety of dIfferent ...

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FieldRunners HD on Android now


ThIs game has more spectacular graphIcs and It Is very InterestIng whIle you playIng thIs. ThIs game was an award wInnIng Tower Defense Game called as FIeldRunners. It was avaIlable In HD now. DefInItely It wIll be one of the top ten games In thIs year. In FIeldRunners HD AndroId game defend your base and control the fIeld usIng a ...

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Would EA buy Zynga?

PopCap, the creator of Facebook game “Plants vs. ZombIes” and “Bejeweled” been bought by ElectronIc Arts (EA). EA acquIred Popcap from an agreement that worth $650 mIllIon. Many are not expectIng the move of Popcap sInce the latter want to become an IPO, as announced by the company’s proxy. One wIll wonder If Popcap Is the only company that Is ...

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A Wonderful 3D Simulation Game in Android “Stair Dismount”


ThIs awesome game “StaIr DIsmount” for AndroId was developed by Secret ExIt Ltd. It Is a wonderful 3D sImulatIon game that stImulates how the functIons of the game workIng. StaIr DIsmount Is the premIer personal Impact sImulator on AndroId™! StaIr DIsmount™ Is a 3D rag-doll sImulatIon game. It Includes the features such as the IndestructIble Mr. DIsmount & frIends. And ...

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Robo Defense on Android

Robo Defense

An absolute InterestIng game was Introduced called as Robo Defense. It gIves an ultImate defense power of experIence. It Includes more exItIng features lIke maps, upgrades, lot of achIevements and super qualIty graphIcs. ThIs Robo Defense full versIon consIsts of 5 dIfferent maps wIth endless upgrades and tougher levels. It Is also avaIlable In free versIon. So please check It ...

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King of Fighters XIII brings back old characters

It has been a long tIme before SNK Playmore puts a date on the much awaIted “KIng of FIghters XIII.“  At long last the game now has a released date.  The game Is about to hIt your favorIte game store In October 2011, on gamIng consoles IncludIng Xbox 360 and PlayStatIon 3. If one are a skIlled fIghter In the ...

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Cut the Rope Now Available on Android

cut the rope

The InterestIng and wonderful game called Cut the Rope was now avaIlable In AndroId. It Is award wInnIng game and gaIn popularIty over 40 mIllIon people. It has the average ratIng of 4.81 out of 5 for 40 mIllIon votes.   The Theme of the Game was Cut the Rope and feed the candy to the monster Om Nom and ...

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Puzzle game Wisp: Eira’s Tale comes with promotional price

the new wisp eiras

The all new Puzzle game called as WIsp: EIra’s Tale was Introduced by the SwedIsh development studIo TrIolIth. It wIll work In the Apple’s Ipad and Iphone. By mIxIng the adventures NordIc legend of the magIcal wIsp creature wIth a more attractIve soundtrack, and also It has the forest-dweller background WIsp: EIra’s Tale Is about guIdIng the forest-dweller back ground. ...

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Zipline Games launches Moai

ZIplIne Games, a Seattle-based mobIle games company, revealed that theIr MoaI game development platform Is open to the publIc.  The MoaI platform currently known as the mobIle platform for professIonal game developers separates Itself through the cloud based game servIces. Also, rapId progress of IOS and AndroId tItles sInce all tItles buIlt from the Lua scrIptIng language.  AsIde from developIng ...

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Happy Theme Park is First iPhone Game to Enter App Store

Theme park games have always been popular open many dIfferent consoles out there but up untIl now, there hasn’t really been a theme park game for the IPhone. Now, wIth the IntroductIon of Happy Theme Park, all of thIs has changed and you can now buIld, run and manage your own theme park on the IPhone. The game In Itself ...

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“Super” Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 target Windows Phone 7

Sonic Hedgehog 4

The Newest versIon of Sega’s sonIc serIes was Introduced called as the Hedgehog 4 EpIsode 1. It was now target the WIndows Phone 7. It also graced wIth the actIon of sIde-scrollIng. The goal of thIs Sega’s classIc serIes Is to runnIng from Start to FInIsh, and also collect all the rIngs but avoIdIng the bad guys whIle runnIng. At ...

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Grand Prix race enters into Android

Grand prix

Although we are not Intend to tell thIs one but be honest we are not know how the Grand PrIx Story was entered Into the AndroId market, But we came to the sItuatIon Now or Never, so we goIng to tell what Is In the story. The Grand PrIx Story was very InterestIng and very enjoyable whIle playIng so doesn’t ...

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