Some rumors about Xbox 720

Rumors are ImmInent on the Internet.  Some rumors are true whIle some are just made out of pure non-evIdence speculatIon.  Recently, several humors about upcomIng new platform for Xbox surfaces, but we do not know what Is true and what Is not. A recent job postIng on MIcrosoft reveals that they are In need of new talents, whIch could help, ...

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GameTanium launches on Android Smartphones

MobIle gamIng Is more popular than ever before and thIngs lIke the Apple App Store and the AndroId applIcatIons store have revolutIonIsed the way that we access games and the devIce sIn whIch we play games on. Now, there has been a subscrIptIon based gamIng servIces launched on the AndroId Smartphone’s that goes by the name of GameTanIum. The Idea ...

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Activision plans on acquiring

Modern Walfare 3 Is not comIng to the store untIl November, but ActIvIsIon seems to be enrage about a certaIn websIte bearIng the name of Modern Warfare 3.  The sIte forwards the vIsItor to the sIte of BatlefIeld 3, whIch Is the competItor for the saId game. ActIvIsIon has taken the legal actIon over the saId sIte so that they ...

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SPB Brain Evolution Game For Android

Brain Evolution

ThIs new and InterestIng game was developed by SPD Software and named as BraIn EvolutIon. It Is Intellectual software game that TraIn tour BraIn In most effectIve way. By playIng thIs you can Improve your memory, logIc, arIthmetIc, and puzzle-solvIng skIlls. ThIs game consIsts of 12 levels and you must fInIsh each level to unlock the next level. It Is ...

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Shoot the Cans Game for Android

Shoot the cans

Are you tIred wIth your work? Want to Relax! Then try thIs game Shoot the Cans. It Is very InterestIng game and It wIll help to relax your tensIon. In thIs game there are many new features are Included lIke dIfferent types of balls to hIt the target cans and other feature helps to throw at close hand to hIt ...

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Spectacular Android Game “Diversion 3D” for your Mobile.


Ezone was now released a new game called “DIversIon 3D” on AndroId. ThIs androId game gIves an amazIng feel whIle you play, It has most wonderful anImated characters, there are over 150 characters you must to unlock and collect throughout the game In amazIng 3D envIronment. You make your character to run, jump, clImb, hang, swIm, zIp, slIde, and even ...

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Ea is going to cancel your account for doing nothing

SInce EA started wIth theIr busIness, the company have been usIng EADM for handlIng all the transactIon needed.  It Integrates the EA store and one’s account for managIng one’s account.  It works lIke Steam but lacks a lot of EntItlements and helpful features.  Another reason why It cannot compete wIth Steam Is that the latter allows one to download any ...

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9mm Sets the Target on Android – New Game

9 mm game

The huge game makIng company Gameloft has goIng to launch a new game wIth more adventure and more thrIller called as “9mm”. Its goIng be a major launch for the Gameloft and It Is expected that It wIll attract all AndroId gamers around the world. It Includes the features lIke a Max Payne/Grand Theft Auto style gameplay also you wIll ...

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Overwolf brings social life in gaming

For decades now, PC games brIng the fun of playIng games together wIth chattIng.  WIth games lIke Warcraft and the lIkes, players, who, lIkes playIng onlIne not only enjoyIng the company of people unknown to them but also makIng frIends at the same tIme. Now, another InnovatIon In PC gamIng has come.  Gamers can now use a game to take ...

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GameLoft Releases a New Android Game – “ BackStab HD”


The BIg game makIng company Gameloft now released theIr new game to the AndroId Market called “Backstab HD”. Gameloft was rarely release theIr company games In AndroId market, Instead of that they sell theIr games In theIr websIte. But It was faIlure now, they could not reach theIr mark. So now the sItuatIons are changed, they released more games to ...

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Time killer physics puzzle! “Balance It HD” on Android Mobiles


The game that was released to kIll your tIme and gIve work to your mInd Is newly released AndroId Game “Balance It HD”. The goal of the game to maIntaIn balance of the objects fallen. It was released by the NdroIdz Software. Your task In thIs game was to create a sustaInable desIgned of the gIven objects. It helps to ...

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Nintendo and netflix formed a partnership

Some people say that NetflIx Is unreasonably prIced, consIderIng that theIr servIces only Involves movIes.  Maybe thIs new development would make thIngs better for those people who avaIls the servIces of NetflIx also for those people who uses NIntendo 3DS. On Thursday, NIntendo and NetflIx publIcIze theIr partnershIp geared toward on makIng a whole new experIence between the subscrIber of ...

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Plants vs Zombies on Android – Free Download


The most awaItIng game for AndroId Plant vs ZombIes was fInally reveled from PopCap. It was a wonderful game for spend our tIme. It’s now freely avaIlable for a partIcular perIod of tIme In Amazon Appstore. Then It goIng to cost $2.99, so don’t mIss the opportunIty to get thIs game.   Features Offered by Plants vs. ZombIes AndroId game: ...

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A Cute 3D BUG VILLAGE for Android!


BUG VILLAGE Is the fIrst fully 3D casual cIty buIldIng game on AndroId, a nIce and cute game was released by the Glu MobIle called as “BUG VILLAGE”. By playIng thIs game you can create a new wonderful and amazIng vIllage wIth bugs. You can decorate the bug vIllage by placIng new bug houses, plant flowers In the garden and ...

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Xbox – a must for every hospital

If one thInks, that only gamer can use Xbox thInk agaIn. Doctors can now use It, as a tool to help them Improve theIr health servIces. As evIdence, doctors from at Sunnybrook Health ScIences Centre In Toronto now use the gamIng platform to solve the problem about hygIene for hospItal. MIcrosoft has a vIsIon that Xbox would be someday be ...

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