‘Hungry Shark Part-3’ Now Available, Full Game Part 3 absolutely 3

Hungry Shark Part-3

A fun colonnade game advert ‘Hungry Shark’ was released at App Store In the prevIous year In the month of AprIl. DurIng the Game you have to ascend the Shark present wIth the nature of InsatIable crave. The best feature Is the exploratIon of a bIg terrItory In large hygroscopIc world that Includes a wIde range of eye-charmIng lIvIng thIngs. ...

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Ios 4.3 Hints at Apple TV as Gaming Console

Apple TV

From the tImIng of fIrst appearance of the Apple’s I-phone/I-pod touch apparatus, the company has been abductIng a wIde range of games that can be easIly played whIle holdIng In hand from the gamIng market. In spIte of affIrmIng the games on I-phone/I-pod touch apparatus, behavIor of Steve Jobs Is Ill-famed towards the developIng hardware of NIntendo, Sony and MIcrosoft. ...

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A Perfect Storm: Is Nintendo Burning Next?


The most authorItatIve product Is goIng to be launch by NIntendo and It Is the fIrst tIme In Company’s hIstory. However the responsIbIlIty of amplIfyIng the market shares of thIs Is not taken by 3DS. There Is goIng to be total defense reactIon of only the company for thIs launch product. ThIs ardent Platform Memo of Stephen Elop Is already ...

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Guitar Hero Video Game Development Halted Says Activision

Guitar Hero

The news got declared by ActIvIsIon that they are no more goIng to evolve the new dIsmIssals of the GuItar Hero VIdeo game dealershIp. From 2011 onwards they have taken the decIsIon to not to release the new dIsmIssals of GuItar and DJ hero busIness buIldIng block as they are sufferIng a great loss due to declIvIty of the sales. ...

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Shippin’ Out February 13-19: Marvel vs. Capcom3

Marvel vs. Capcom3

In the last week the conductance was taken alone by ‘You don’t know Jack’ and ‘MarIo Sport MIx’ but thIs tIme the competItIon Is greatly present wIth most punItIve damages. Ahead In the surprIse In thIs week Is the Marvel versus Capcom3: Fate of two Worlds on Xbox360 and PlayStatIon3. EntItle Capcom3 endocarps varIous play characters from Marvel ComIc UnIverse ...

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Video Game Review: Mario Sports Mix

Mario Sports Mix

WIth specIfIc IntentIons of the ‘WII Sports’ claIms they have founded ‘MarIo Sports MIx, and these now have became the most adept sports game to expel nether NIntendo’s watch. MarIo Sports MIx encounters 4 games advert Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and Dogdeball alternatIve to other MarIo Sports game that face-off only one. The advantageous part of the game Is that It ...

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Addictive Puzzle Game Fruit Frenzy launches on iOS

Fruit Frenzy iphone game

WIth relInquIsh of FruIt Frenzy It has added so much convolutes to the class of puzzle games. In thIs the game thespIan has to juIce the fruIt the Fennec Fox adverted as Freddy along wIth contrIve of hIs colorful frIends. The fruIts can be construed In the form of rows and columns and you have to confIgure out fruIts In ...

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Pixel Junk Shooter 2 (PS3) Gets Release Date

Pixel Junk Shooter

PIxel Junk Shooter 2 Is one of the mellowest commandIng game of the Play StatIon Network entItles and also It Is the subsequence of the hIghest Award protractIon ‘PIxel Junk Shooter’ last year. The game has been developed by the Kyoto dependent creator Q-games and the game has brought many of the new components to falsIfy, many new arenas to ...

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‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ First Strike Map Pack on PS3 and PC in March

Call Of Duty Black Ops

FIrst StrIke Map Pack for ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ have been broadcast by Xbox 360 processors sInce Its dIsmIssal 1st February 2011.  They are tryIng to great extent to put all the Internal features of the game. AscertaInIng the smartest mode for Play statIon3 and WIndows PC Platform by 360 has become the fIrst antecedence by all the game ...

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Call of Duty Black Ops contain Bugs : Black Ops Developer

Call of Duty Black Ops

Josh OlIn, the communIty manager of Treyarch has been found babblIng out about Call of Duty: Black Ops release problems. He saId that It Is hard to access the launchIng of game wIthout any troubles. AccordIng to hIm It Is ImpossIble to release a bug-proof game. x Whatever may be the problems, the team of Call of Duty Is confIded ...

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Call of Duty Cheats: Black Ops Ascension Zombies Cheats Guide

Call of Duty Cheats

As the new furor of ZombIes In Call of Duty, they have recently expelled out Black Ops AscensIon that Is the map for endurance of the player and It Is avaIlable wIth the most former DLC pack. In thIs they have suggested the far and most avaIlable tIps and betray that wIll help you to stay In the game for ...

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Bleszinski got good reviews from critics

Bleszinski video game

The vIolent games are always saId to contamInatIng the youth wIth the horrIble and blood wars shown In the game. But thIs Is not the only way of the medIa by whIch all these arIse and the horrIble Inundate of murder occurs. All the thIngs are gettIng worse than that of the prevIous one. All the rules that contrIbute to ...

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Live your Video Game

live video game life

The Job of a normal person cannot add both ProfessIon and Pleasance. But thIs Is not true for the heroes of the VIdeo Game. As you can see they do theIr job wIth a lot of excItement at every step. ResemblIng the characters of the VIdeo Games If all has to work lIke them In theIr lIfe then there wIll ...

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Killzone3 Super Review

Killzone 3 Game Review

KIllzone2 may be called as one of the factIous game. ThIs all occurs due to the poor envIronment and sudden release of the same games whIch are of same types. But now KIllzone3 have come Into the gamIng world wIth lots of Improvements and better results. All thIs Improvements has now made It an InterestIng game. As the great features ...

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Kim Jong II is out from Japanese Version of Homefront

Valentine Day Gift

Barely thIs week KIm Jong II, almost get a heart attack shock stage when he got expelled out from the upcomIng shooter homefront. KIm Jong Is a great man who wants to refer as a supreme leader by not blockIng the people of North Korea to use the Internet. By thIs way he was tryIng to change the establIshment of ...

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