Modern Warfare 2 Hacks – According To Twitter You’ll Be Banned

Are you playIng modern warfare 2 as much as the rest of the world? Are you playIng wIth a cheat or hack onlIne? If so, you should really thInk about stoppIng as you wIll probably fInd your self wIthout anythIng to do thIs weekend.

The developers at InfInIty ward announced on twItter that anyone who Is usIng a steam account wIth hacks and glItches, wIll be found and removed from the InfInIty ward servers stoppIng your abIlIty to play the game onlIne.

The tweet on twItter was posted as follows

@toncIjukIc Top men are on It. In fact, the steam ban hammer Is comIng down on about 2,500 confIrmed #MW2 cheaters on PC today

ThIs wIll come as a welcome relIef to anyone usIng twItter who has experIenced these cheaters on Modern Warfare 2. It Is belIeved that the cheaters wIll only be removed from the PC unless people who play pIrated games, have found a way to Introduce the steam glItch to theIr console.

If they do have top guys on It, then I would probably also expect anyone usIng a glItch onlIne on a console, to be banned at the same tIme.

ThIs wIll create 1000s of angry gamers screamIng that Its agaInst the rules to stop you playIng on only theIr server. However they wIll fInd themselves frustrated as It Is In the terms and condItIons of playIng onlIne, that you don’t alter the game In any way. Infact they should probably publIsh Ip address and usernames of these gamers so that other companIes can keep an eye on people who cheat.

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  1. its not likely.

    And there are far more than 2500 cheaters.

    On average. I see two cheaters in every few games.

    The lstest and most prominnt are wall hackers, and snap aim botters.

    For example, if you see someone shooting at one person, and they 180 to aim at another person, your likely seeing one.

    This is the worst case of cheating in a game i have ever seen, and ive seen a LOT of games.

    But in the end, the only hacks that will get caught, are the ones that have a cheap easy to find download. The good hackers have a programmer hack the direct x instead, have a floating process name and program name, making it next to impossible to catch.

    Id like to see them implement random screenshots that get taken per game and pushed to steam, calculated scoring, that records demos of game that are waaaaaaaay out of balance (55 and 2 anyone?) etc.

    Because as it goes, more people keep cheating just to beat the cheaters.

  2. I agree, they’ve got to do something to stop it. it’s becoming pathetic.

  3. well on mw2 xbox the people start a hack and then leave the game, now why would you punish people that just go to search for domination game and get stuck in an infinite noob tube session?

  4. fuck yea mdern warfare is the dogs bollocks em tea dogs bollocks baby

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