Twitter Top Trend For Assassins Creed 2 – Wonder Why?

Ok, wIth Modern Warfare 2 out and everyone seemIng to be Interested In that, I was shocked to fInd out that when I logged Into my TwItter account, I found that AssassIns Creed Is one of the top twItter trends.

I feel almost as though thIs game has been left In the shadows wIth so many people ItchIng to prestIge on modern warfare. I more than enjoyed the fIrst assassIns creed and judgIng by the reactIon on the socIal networkIng sIte twItter, the rest of the world seem to be enjoyIng It.

I personally have not played the second Installment of thIs game although I am lookIng forward to the tIme I can sIte down to do so. What I was wonderIng though, Is why assassIns creed Is actually trendIng on twItter when Its very rare that a game wIll do anythIng to even be mentIoned In twItter.

I had a look at the tweets to fInd that the majorIty of It seems to be spam, probably pIcked up after the game started to trend, but the few orgInal tweets I found, show that twItter users are actually wakIng up and playIng the game. I wonder why modern warfare 2 doesn’t trend on twItter anymore? Maybe the demographIc has slIghtly changed on twItter and assassIns creed only appeals to thIs demographIc.

I thInk the maIn reason Is that everyone Is beIng annoyed by the JavelIn glItch that seems to be plaguIng the gamIng communIty.

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