Modern Warfare 2 Javelin Glitch – You Will Be Banned For 24 Hours! Youtube Video Attached

Ok, thIs week I have been explorIng the dIfferent types of cheats avaIlable on modern warfare 2 on the major gamIng consoles as the pc ones I have already wrItten about. The glItch that seems to pop up tIme and tIme agaIn seems to be the JavelIn glItch.

A few days ago, playstatIon announced that they wIll not be brIngIng any sanctIons to anyone caught usIng thIs glItch onlIne. It Is too dIffIcult for actIvIsIon Itself to do anythIng on the consoles as they all connect through 3rd party servers.

Xbox have followed suIt wIth an announcement, however thIs Is slIghtly dIfferent than the one made by the boffIns at playstatIon! MIcrosoft have spoke to InfInty ward who say that the glItch has been patched up and the patch wIll be avaIlable wIth the next round of updates. However, untIl then they have somethIng In store for those people caught cheatIng.

You wIll now be banned from xbox lIve for a perIod of 24 hours. You all know what a ban entaIls, you wIll not be able to sIgn Into xbl and you wIll have code of conduct on your profIle to label yourself as a cheat! If you have been banned In the past then It wIll probably be even harsher, may even be 72 hours!

A comment from Stephen Toulouse saId

“WhIle IW works on gettIng the MW2 glItch fIxed, people we catch usIng It wIll receIve suspensIons from LIve. Play faIr everyone”

“For those askIng, cheatIng suspensIons are usually 24 hours for fIrst offence,” he added later. “But egregIous cheatIng can be 2 weeks!… UsIng any bug or glItch to gaIn advantage In a game Is expressly agaInst our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.”

For those who don’t know what the JavelIn glItch Is, please see the youtube vIdeo attached below and dIscuss In the comments sectIon!

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  1. It’s about time, this glitch has been active for a good 2 weeks now and YouTube is just making it worse by advertising it. We all need an actual date on the patch release because we all know xbl will not do anything to the cheaters.

  2. lol its iw’s fault that they didnt fix all the glitches . but if theyre gunna ban ya they should at least warn the ppl who dont go on general sites that warn… like a massive message sent to players world wide but alas. im just gunna keep doin it 🙂

  3. They cant fix all glitches that arise until they know they are there. Even game testers with masses amounts of time and effort cannot possibly find all glitches that are available to people. It is common thoughts that people believe glitches are left on purpose but seens as they are small coding problems then its almost impossible to know what is and isnt there. Its people like you, who keep doing it, that ruin everyone elses experience of a PAID SERVICE, cheating is against microsofts terms and conditions which you agreed to so i wouldnt blame them if they bricked your console!

  4. It makes me laugh when people talk about ‘bricking people’s consoles microsoft will do no such thing… lol…. they’ll ban you for the standard 24 hrs andthen a patch will come out and it will stop soooooo everyone quit ur whinging eh?

  5. people whinge because you’re cheating! If people would off with you’re cheating then the xbox live will be so much easier, and if infinity ward really wanted they could ban your xbl tag from their servers in one simple click

  6. got banned for a week

  7. good! i hate cheats!

  8. its not cheating its exploiting the rules same shit as using the noob tube if sum 1 had a mod on there controller to make it shoot faster that would be cheating

  9. it is cheating, using a mod controller wouldnt be allowed in competition, but you can only shoot the noob tube as fast as it reloads! Your not exploiting the rules there is a flaw in the game that everyone is using, you wouldnt find that out by going the shops or normal play of the game, like you would a mod controller

  10. Gaming is meant to be fun boosting & glitching (cheating) is totally out of order if this is what u sad gamers have to do to get yourself on the leaderboards or get kills i suggest u buy a PS3 and dont ruin the XBOX LIVE experience for TRUE GAMERS . If i had it my way i’d ban all u bitches for life get some real skills u cheating, impotant, inadequate fucks you couldn’t find a womans clit with a diagram saying THIS IS A CLIT!!! with a flashing arrow pointing towards it u fucking RETARDS.

  11. I am enjoying the comments put up by you guys. First of all … Chris and Sara, apparently you both need to grow up. Unrelated comments to the post at hand. 2nd of all, Calum or whatever your name is… Make sure you do read the tearms and conditions, because it clearly states that abusing glitches to gain an advantage over any player will result in a ban. A tip for everyone out there though … When you see someone running at you with a javelin, THROW A FLASHBANG OR STUN AND MOVE BACK! I cant tell you how many times I have avoided the glitch using that method. And for serious occasions, i use it back. And no, i think it is fair to do the glitch back to the other person. It will be a pleasure looking at your account and seeing the CODE OF CONDUCT CODE OF CONDUCT CODE OF CONDUCT on your bio and whatnot. PEACE OUT!

  12. I agree! These cheaters that use these glitches SHOULD be banned! What fun is it if you can cheat and kill everyone when you don’t have any skills?!?! As for the “noob tube” Its a grenade launcher! And its a weapon in the game! If you choose to use it, fine! You get 2 shots with it then its useless. If not, don’t complain about other people using it! It’s supposed to be WAR! Do you think that any military bitches when the other people use a grenade launcher?? The people that bitch about the “noob tube” are the “NOOBS”! They just don’t like getting killed in one shot! They can only fight running and shooting up close! I hope the banning comes quick and on both PS3 and Xbox! It’s no fun to play anymore online!

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